tips for blog events.

a lot goes into maintaining a blog.

from the beginning, it’s deciding what you want to share with others + how you want your little corner of the internet to look. there’s the endless brainstorming + never-ending possibilities. the styling + photography. the writing + the inevitable writer’s block. the unavoidable technology questions + issues. and of course, a lot of social media.

most blogs are a one-man show. they run the business, brainstorm + create the content, manage the social media channels, work with brands, and a lot of times ..all while simultaneously working a full-time job. it’s hard work, there is no doubt about it. and for those times when it becomes a bit exhausting, your inspiration needs inspiring, you need a fresh pair of eyes, or you just want to be surrounded by people that understand go to a blog conference. and this weekend, I am so excited to be attending the GBS workshop in kansas city, MO.

[semi-side note: I recommend this for professionals in any field. it’s easy to get stuck in a routine. it’s really beneficial to see + hear how others around you are operating. we can all learn a lot from each other].

packing for a blog conference

packing for a blog conference

packing for a blog conference

packing for a blog conference

whenever I’m attending a professional event, you can dump out my tote + see these items ..

a notebook: while the rest of the world has moved on to taking notes on tablets, you can find me in the dark ages ..writing on paper. how you take notes is not important, just write them somewhere.

a writing utensil: even for you tablet users. there have been stranger places you’ve been asked if you have a pen. these are my favorites.

business cards: the trick is remembering to actually give them out. keep a few in hand. they’re not doing you any favors at the very bottom of your tote, all the way across the room, under your chair. we’ve all been there

• water: I keep a water bottle with me at all times, but for conferences ..I also throw into my bag a coconut water. this chocolate flavor is top notch.

phone + charger: the key is to finding a free plug-in when your battery starts to die, mid-tweet. if you can, a portable charger may really come in handy.

breath mints: no explanation necessary.

packing for a blog conference

• if you’re a kansas city guru, where should we eat + drink? the husband is traveling with me + we have an entire day to fill with fun.

• if you’re wanting to attend a blog conference, there are many out there. in fact, go blog social is hosting a two-day conference in april. I will be in attendance. you should too. [details here].

please let the weekend be here now. very soon.

wedding // the DIY bride.

Hi! I’m Samantha from The Brunette One and I’m super excited to be guest posting for Chelsea while she is off getting hitched in the Dominican! She left Iowa just in time, a cold front just came in and I would love to be on the beach soaking up the sunshine!

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Chelsea asked me to share something about my wedding adventures (you can read more about my wedding adventures here – I’m waiting to post all the details of our day – our wedding is going to be published so that put a slight hold on sharing all of our beautiful images captured that day). Where do I even begin?! My husband and I tied the knot this past spring on May 31st. Our wedding was absolutely magically. I chalk it up to celebrating our love in front of all of our friends and family who could make the trip and dancing the night away with all of my favorite people.

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We had a year and a half engagement, and in my book that was more than enough time, maybe too much. I’m a planner by trade and I was my own worst client. I took on every DIY project from center pieces to designing and printing all of our wedding stationary (save the dates, invites, menus, and our wedding programs). I blame Pinterest. :) But the lessons I took away from being a “DIY” bride and want to share with you today is that it’s ok to delegate and ask for help with projects – that’s why you have your parents, aunts, uncles, bridal party, etc. They want to help (most of the time…). It’s ok to nix some projects, and if something doesn’t go right, absolutely NO ONE will ever know, or for that matter, care. Everyone who shows up that day is there to celebrate you and the love of your life, not if you didn’t get to add two more chalk board signs, or if a name is misspelled on the wedding program. Shit happens and makes for a good story later on when you reminiscence about your big day.

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So take a deep breathe and have FUN with all of your wedding projects and events as the big day arrives. Take it all in on your wedding day, it goes by in the blink of an eye (so cliche but oh so true).

wedding // a stress-free day.

Hi! I’m Becky from over at Olives ‘n’ Wine – a blog where I share my passion for keeping a balanced life through eating well, tasting great wine, staying active, and traveling to new places – and I’m excited to be doing a guest post for Chelsea today while she’s off getting’ hitched :)

wedding // a stress-free day c/o olives 'n' wine.

Before I get into the post, I wanted to send a HUGE congratulations to Chelsea and her lucky, lucky groom. I cannot wait to see photos of your big day… and be slightly jealous of your time in paradise.

Since it’s all things wedding for Chelsea over the next few weeks, I thought I’d keep with the theme and share a few wedding day tips that helped keep my wedding day lighthearted and as stress-free as possible.

1. Remind your groom to send flowers while you’re getting ready… because sometimes they need that friendly, little reminder ;) Even if you know they’re coming, you will still be happily surprised and he will flatter his future MIL. A win-win, right?

wedding // a stress-free day c/o olives 'n' wine.

2. Make sure that the wedding party has plenty of snacks and at least one mimosa before the ceremony. A hangry bridesmaid (or bride or groom for that matter!) is a force to be reckoned with! Plus, snacks can be used for entertainment before the ceremony… Kyle and his friends turned seemingly innocent Goldfish crackers into a game of poker ;)

wedding // a stress-free day c/o olives 'n' wine.

3. Don’t worry if things go wrong, your day will still be perfect! The best part is, no one will notice the little details that aren’t exactly as you planned. At our wedding, the dad’s tuxedo vests were brown instead of silver (That looked great with black tuxes, ha!), the caterer put the wrong sauce on the chicken, I fell down the stairs during photos before the ceremony, and my bustle broke. But guess what, the day was still amazing and the open bar made up for the bad tasting chicken ;)

4. A late night pizza order post-reception is nothing to be ashamed of… and you better bet that Kyle and I ordered a big ol’ pizza to our room. Since we were chatting with so many people during dinner, we barely got a few bites in and realized that we were starving around midnight. Rehashing your day over pizza with your new husband is pretty fun too.

5. Finally, just enjoy your day. Don’t feel obligated to dance with everyone or talk with everyone or please everyone. The day is for you and your husband! If you’re relaxed and having a great time, everyone in attendance will be having a fabulous time as well :)

wedding // a stress-free day c/o olives 'n' wine.

I’m so excited and happy for you, Chelsea! Safe travels and the next time we hear from you, you’ll be a Mrs.!

If you’d like to read more about my wedding day… including additional photos of Goldfish poker!, you can find the details here:

Getting Ready/Ceremony