out with the old.

amidst being a newlywed, planning a second wedding reception, working full-time, and all of the other adventures daily life brings ..this little corner of the internet is transforming. again. since I began this blog four years ago, it has gone through many looks + stages. soon it will go through another. thanks a lot to the work of my graphic designer/husband.

out with the old c/o LLinaBC.com

you will slowly notice updates in the coming weeks.

the big unveiling will fingers crossed coincide with the start of the new year.

please bare with me. 

any suggestions, content you really like, what you want to see more of, what you’re not crazy about ..I’d love to hear.

happy thursday.

it’s nearly the weekend. thank goodness.

miscellaneous four.

after 110+ friday’s of the week in photos, I’ve decided it’s time to retire it and start something new.


miscellaneous four.

the idea behind it is to share four things I’ve collected throughout the week. it can be anything from a quote I’ve held onto, a recipe I’m loving, exciting life events, a lesson I’ve learned, and of course ..photographs. I want it to become less of ‘recap from my week’ and more of a takeaway for us all.


1 // which brings me to the new finally defined direction of little lessons in a big city. throughout the past few years, I’ve been working to transform this creative space from a personal journal to a full-blown lifestyle blog. I don’t want it to be necessarily about my day-to-day, but rather a collection of things that make each day better. many people start the new year with huge, often times unattainable goals, but I’m asking all of you to shift your focus with me in 2014.

misc 4 // LLinaBC.com

and those little things will be what you can find on LLinaBC. a collection of how to’s, do-it-yourself projects, recipes, fashion + beauty tips, and the occasional life update.

you don’t have to make drastic changes to better your life, it’s all about the little things. like a handwritten note from a friend, a good glass of wine, a new piece of artwork, or a successful DIY project.

2 // pretty, little snowflakes. aren’t they beautiful?

misc 4 // LLinaBC.com

3 // santa put this water bottle in my stocking and it has not left my side yet. I’ve definitely been drinking more water. and even eating quite a bit healthier. I have pictures of wedding dresses + bikinis dancing in my head. only 9 months to go.

misc 4 // LLinaBC.com

4 // cheers to making 2014 the best year yet.

misc 4 // LLinaBC.com

happy friday.

have the best weekend.


experiment: greek yogurt edition.

Jeff & I are often over-whelmed by the yogurt section at the grocery store. So instead of spending hours, we go straight for the YoCrunch (specifically the yogurt with candy on top). We know – not the healthiest choice. Which is why we are jumping on the “GREEK YOGURT” phenomenon (again) but this time ..we’ve made a game of it ..which brand will reign supreme? I’ll be sharing my play-by-play with each greek yogurt brand I can get my hands on ..and Jeff has agreed to partake as well. Test #1 – coming soon!! :)

kindly exclude the yocrunch 100 calorie packs. those are for fun.

I am far from a “Greek yogurt expert”. I’d love to know what you think .. [polldaddy poll=5400832]