wedding // bridesmaid baubles.

weddings are synonymous with an insane amount of decisions. and when you seek guidance, all can be answered with “whatever makes you happy”. oh thanks, that helps. [insert: sarcasm].

I decided on the bridesmaid dresses fairly quickly. almost too quick, so the second guessing began. but after a little reassuring from the girls who will be wearing the dresses my bridesmaids, I made the final decision. picture this: white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and sapphire blue long strapless bridesmaid gowns.

next decision to be made: jewelry to perfectly complement said gowns + sandy beaches.

thank you to the bauble bar for instantly easing my mind + helping.

I sent a request to their SWAT* team with details of the dresses + what I envisioned. and was quickly greeted by my hero erin, who put together this pinterest board based on the info I provided for her. a couple yes & no’s later, erin created 5 potential looks for my bridesmaids.

wedding // bridesmaid baubles c/o

which way do I go?

I love the idea of a statement necklace with the strapless dresses. but on the flip-side, I love the simplicity of no necklace, just gorgeous drop earrings.

happy wednesday.

wedding inspiration.

wedding wednesday //

I feel eerily blessed as to how simply our wedding planning has gone thus far.

and knock on wood ..the entire process is this stress-free & fun.

our [so far] successes:

• get [J] to propose.

• collectively decided on a destination wedding.

• selected a date + location.

• picked our colors.

• purchased my dream wedding dress.

• 99% sure found bridesmaid dresses.

• design our save-the-dates. [and quite possibly our invitations too].

• chose our first dance song.

[*editor’s note: I’m clearly not following a wedding checklist, as I’ve managed to find dresses before bridesmaids. minor detail].

and of course, what I’m dreaming about:

packing my bag + heading to paradise to become mrs [J].

the essentials.

destination wedding essentials //

1 kate spade statement earrings / 2 TOMS sunglasses / 3 fiona fedora / 4 vince camuto beach tote / 5 kate spade charm heels.

a detail that has me stuck: engagement photos. how the heck do you select a photographer? or a location? if you have any tips, I am all ears!

happy wedding wednesday.