wedding // engagement dreams.

all of my dreams came true when I met [J]. and then again, when I met steph + dado, the two lovely people that make up 5th photography. they helped [J] + I turn our crazy engagement shoot vision into a reality. but not only that, they made it perfect. what I saw in my mind was nowhere near how beautiful it actually was when it came together. [minus the swarms of mosquitoes ..those weren’t in my dreams].

wedding // engagement dreams c/o

now go see the rest of them .. 5th photography // chelsea + jeff.

happy wednesday.

wedding // just around the corner.

without any notice, wedding planning went from a daunting task to a fun, whirlwind of pretty details. we’ve entered into the phase where I pick my bridesmaids’ jewelry and my soon-to-be husband’s socks. our signature cocktail, and what music will be playing before I walk down the beach aisle to my groom. basically I’m finally loving it. we’re done with the logistics ..and are onto making it “us”.

on july 21st, [J] + I hit a relationship milestone: one year engaged. and yet to take engagement photos. 

but this weekend that will change.

here’s a sneak peek of what [J] made for our engagement session ..ahhhh.

wedding // tee pee love c/o

wedding // tee pee love c/o

I cannot wait to see the magic our photographers [steph + dado] create. and cannot wait to share.

can you guess what is up our sleeve?

happy friday.

have the best weekend. see ya monday!

if you give a girl a diamond.

say hello to

wedding wednesday //

this is when I’ll be sharing how the planning process is going, the details, & any other wedding shenanigans.

today it’s all about being engaged.

I was on the verge of happy tears, constantly. and could not stop staring at my ring, for 12+ days. [it still feels so foreign & brand new two months later. I still get so excited every morning when I put it on].

if you give a girl a diamond [especially while on vacation]’re going to end up with at least twenty ring pictures.

I was so excited to finally be engaged to [J]. we were sharing an amazing vacation. and I had the most beautiful accessory on my hand.

every breathtaking scene was a mere backdrop in my mind for another shot of my bling.

I couldn’t get enough.

[*editor’s note: I would’ve loved nothing more than a “newly engaged” manicure. but due to living situations in the great outdoors, it wasn’t in the cards. so the majority of these are bare naked nails. the remainder are my attempt at a self-mani over a campfire. that lasted one day].

at breakfast ..

if you give a girl a diamond //

on tree branches ..

if you give a girl a diamond //

if you give a girl a diamond //

with our campsite in the background ..

if you give a girl a diamond //

where we got engaged .. {read story here}

if you give a girl a diamond //

in the tent during a thunderstorm ..

if you give a girl a diamond //

while taking a water break ..

if you give a girl a diamond //

with the fiance + devils tower ..

if you give a girl a diamond //

a lot in yellowstone national park ..

if you give a girl a diamond //

if you give a girl a diamond //

if you give a girl a diamond //

and on the top of the rocky mountains ..

if you give a girl a diamond //

life seems to fly by. so take a moment, jump up & down, and celebrate the heck out of being engaged.

it’s such a happy time in your life.

and you’ll need some time to adjust to saying boyfriend fiance.

happy wedding wednesday.