spilling the beans.

I am so happy this day is here, because I cannot keep my mouth shut any longer ..

I put up two ‘clues’ on {instagram} over the weekend. here are three more ..

then I’m spilling the beans!

spilling the beans // LLinaBC.com

[J] & I both purchased a pair of what I call “all-purpose” shoes. {merrell’s barefoot trail gloves}.

spilling the beans // LLinaBC.com

we got hydration backpacks.

spilling the beans // LLinaBC.com

and then there was friday afternoon ..when I tried to pitch a tent in our living room. fail. our apartment is not big enough, my tent-building skills are just fine.


you’d think that last clue really exposed the announcement. yes, we’re taking a trip. and we will be camping. but there’s more to it ..

we’re calling it ..

spilling the beans // LLinaBC.com

inspired by a trip my parent’s took me on as a child. our need strong desire for a vacation. love of road trips. want to spend time together. and chance to see some of our country’s greatest sites.

we’ll be gone for 16 days!!!!

we’re hitting mount rushmore. little bighorn battlefield. the badlands. devils tower. yellowstone. salt lake city, UT. estes park & denver, CO. just to name a few. we will not be camping the entire time, only about half ..[that’s enough for me]. I haven’t been camping since age 10-ish. so [J] & I are in for an adventure.

in regards to the blog ..

my mom says camping is more ‘civilized’ these days, but I’m not convinced and/or taking any chances..so I’m leaving you in the hands of some of my favorite bloggers who will keep you entertained distracted while I’m gone. they’re amazing! and have some fun things up their sleeves. I do plan to write a couple posts ..most definitely “the week in photos” [on friday’s]. and probably a few others. basically, there will be a new post up each day. so you won’t even notice I’m gone!

besides the fact that we’ll be busy fighting off bears, scratching mosquito bites, and using a campfire as our oven ..[J] & I are making a conscious effort to disconnect. at least for the first 6 days of our trip, no social media. [I may sneak an instagram here & there].

I’ll have my camera with me at all times. and will recap the entire trip when we return.

let the last minute preparations begin ..

happy monday!