life // pool day essentials.

it’s almost memorial day weekend. and here in iowa that means, the pool is opening!

I don’t know what I have against lounging poolside during the warm summer days, but I rarely ever do it. this year, I’m giving myself no choice. I already packed my bag. as if I was expecting a child, and must rush to the hospital at any unexpected moment. but this is my pool bag. that will remain sitting in our coat closet, ready for that unexpected day that the sun is shining & I am not busy.

my snow white skin needs to be introduced to the sun before it visits the dominican republic. basically I don’t want to be ghostly white or a lobster on my wedding day. please.

life // pool day essentials c/o

what’s in my bag.

bikini top + bottom // the fewer the straps the better. crazy tan lines you’re not my friend.

sunscreen // an absolute must for snow white me.

insulated beverage holder // sometimes it’s for water, sometimes it’s not.

the brightest nail polish you can find // I can get quite bored sitting poolside for hours.

beach towel // make sure you remember this one.

romance novel // because this is the ultimate poolside activity.

beach bag // to carry everything for you.

am I forgetting anything? what’s in your pool/beach bag?

happy thursday.

holiday casual.

with all the parties you have get to attend this holiday season, dressing yourself can be stressful. to ease that stress, plan a couple of outfits in advance. so you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

casual holiday //

casual holiday //

casual holiday //

casual holiday //

wearing: v neck white tee // navy skirt // black booties.

casual holiday //

casual holiday //

and don’t forget the essentials for any holiday outfit:

a bright, statement necklace. // fun bracelet. // go-to festive + winter nail color: OPI romeo & joliet. // quick drying top coat: essie good to go. // red lipstick.

[*editor’s note: these items would make great stocking stuffers. just thinkin’ ahead].

and while we’re on the subject of christmas ..who is linking up with me next friday? it’s going to be fun!

holiday challenge //

happy tuesday.