life // meet sir rigby.

it all started with a meow outside my parent’s window. and after a bit of a struggle to catch the tiny stray, there was a photo posted on facebook. the sweetest yellow + white kitten, who was in need of a good home. I instantly commented “[J] will take him!”. and the rest is pretty much history.

he joined our little family on friday. and we’ve been on kitten cloud 9 since.

granted our wedding planning has come to a screeching halt. when we’re at home, he wants to play or cuddle as close to our faces as possible. making it hard to do just about anything. but we’re suckers for him already. and can’t help but give in.

life // meet sir rigby c/o

life // meet sir rigby c/o

see more on instagram // especially the shot of him cuddling with [J] our first morning together. that’s when he really stole my heart.

so my absence was strictly because I’ve been spending all my free time enjoying our new bundle.

happy thursday.