holiday trance.

christmas is a mere six days away.

and I’ve officially entered into a holiday trance.

the symptoms:

  1. you can’t think of anything else besides the gifts you still need to buy.
  2. you spend the majority of your time on pinterest looking for appetizer recipes for the parties you’re attending.
  3. you only want to consume ‘winter foods,’ like chili even though it was 48°/practically a heatwave yesterday.
  4. eggnog replaces milk and water.
  5. peppermint schnapps & baileys become the most important bottles of booze in your house.
  6. you refuse to buy beer that doesn’t sport a holiday-themed label.
  7. when you get home you change immediately into your flannel pajamas & matching socks. tis the season
  8. you alternate between the hallmark channel & ABC family [because they play the BEST holiday movies] and you forget other channels exist.
  9. every time you look at snow, you break out into song .. “oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. and since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”.
  10. you completely abandon your daily routine, and swap black coffee with a venti gingerbread mocha. tis the season.
  11.  the first thing you do in the morning is plug in your christmas tree. heck the sun is hidden by 100 ‘we might snow’ clouds, so it’s practically dark out. 
  12. you want to stay in your pajamas and sleep all day, because you’ve worked really hard this semester & pulled 3 all-nighters, you deserve it. oh wait, that was just a 4-year teaser of the time you wish you had off during the holidays.
  13. you feel full of love, gratitude, and candy canes.
  14. and a strong desire to just celebrate.

now that all of you know where my heads at. and you can probably relate.

just give in. 

crank up the christmas tunes. turn on your twinkly lights. and make yourself a drink, or two.

spiked eggnog //

spiked eggnog // use spiced rum or cafe patron.

irish candy cane //

irish candy cane // just baileys, peppermint schnapps, & a dash of cinnamon.

holiday trance //

happy thursday all.

tomorrow is friday!


blueberry moscow mule.

this may seem like a desperate attempt to hold on to summer ..and I’m ok with that. 

we’re talking cocktails today.

taking {blueberry-infused vodka} & happily uniting it with a moscow mule. I absolutely love the simple ginger beer, vodka, & lime concoction. it’s perfect for summer, or whenever the heck you feel like it. but it gets that much better when you add blueberry vodka. especially when you made it yourself.

blueberry moscow mule //

the ingredients: {blueberry-infused vodka}. ginger beer. lime juice.

blueberry moscow mule //

blueberry moscow mule //

two parts blueberry-infused vodka.

blueberry moscow mule //

add a couple blueberries. the cocktail will rank higher in the “looks department”.

blueberry moscow mule //

one part lime juice.

blueberry moscow mule //

three parts ginger beer.


blueberry moscow mule //

your blueberry moscow mule is ready to be enjoyed.

blueberry moscow mule //

as long as the temperatures continue to hang out in the 80’s & 90’s ..I will continue to call it summer. and drink like it too. 

have a halfway to the weekend cocktail.



26 things to keep in mind.

another birthday has arrived. and this year I have the pleasure of turning twenty-six. although I’m not quite sure how it happened so quickly. the past five years have flown by at lightening fast speed.

as a plead for the years to slow down a bit. and to make the absolute most of the new one ahead of me. I’ve made a list of things I’ve learned along the way & what I want to keep in the forefront of my mind all year long.

26 things to keep in mind //

  1. put yourself out there. you’ll only regret it if you don’t.
  2. OWN IT – every single thing you do.
  3. make time for happy hour, brunch, weekend getaways. it’s always time spent wisely.
  4. “everything in moderation” – except shots. you were never good at those. avoid at all cost. [trips to the bathroom usually work].
  5. ignore your comfort zone. it’s holding you back. and ps: you’re not shy.
  6. send handwritten thank you’s.
  7. travel as much as you possibly can. [it’s what you & [J] truly love].
  8. the worst thing someone can say is “no” – so, ask everything! you have a lot more to gain, than to lose.
  9. you can sleep when you’re dead, so never miss out on something important. [but do TRY to get 8 hours a night – you can be so cranky].
  10. always carry a pen & paper with you. documents ideas immediately. you’re incredibly forgetful.
  11. keep following the golden rule. it’s golden for a reason.
  12. know your worth. and NEVER second guess it.
  13. a 9 to 5 job does not define you. you do!
  14. a piece of your heart will always be in new york city. DON’T MOVE BACK! as much as you convince yourself otherwise, you did the right thing. which brings me to ..
  15. stop second-guessing yourself. you’re smart & make well-thought out decisions. trust them.
  16. worry less. [at least, try. hard].
  17. make time to read before bed. it’s the best way to unwind.
  18. remind yourself to stop & say “thank you” every day. you’ve been blessed.
  19. the years seem to be going faster & faster – live in the moment.
  20. cherish your friendships. you’ve had a lot come & go in your life. the ones around you now are true gems. keep them.
  21. make your bed every morning. you’ll thank yourself when you crawl into bed at night.
  22. you can’t please everyone. stop trying – you’re going to drive yourself crazy.
  23. keep up with your blog, 5 days a week. it’s your “happy place”.
  24. be brave. stick up for yourself.
  25. don’t take anything for granted. [relationships included]. nothing is permanent.
  26. you were given a voice, always speak your mind. it will help you sleep better at night.

and with that, I’m off to enjoy the day.

if you need a reason to drink tonight today, you are welcome to use my birthday.

I actually encourage it.