ten things.

{blog every day in may}

“ten things that make you really happy”.

[I don’t know about you ..but the things that make me happy change. frequently].

and today, it goes something like this ..

moscow mules.

moscow mules // LLinaBC.com


sunsets // LLinaBC.com

moscow mules + sunsets. on our balcony.

moscow mules + sunsets // LLinaBC.com

brats + sauerkraut. on the grill.

brats + sauerkraut // LLinaBC.com

my [fun] new shorts. [$14 a pair, from banana republic outlet].

banana republic shorts // LLinaBC.com

this beautiful painting [J]’s late great-grandmother painted. that will soon be hanging on our bedroom wall, in a brand new frame.

vintage painting // LLinaBC.com

temperatures in the 90’s. [perfect day for our 1st pool visit].

may 14 weather in iowa // LLinaBC.com

this blog.

the blog, LLinaBC // LLinaBC.com

my amazing family. who is always there for me, regardless.

from L to R: my parents, [J]’s parents, [J]’s youngest sister, and [J] & I. 

missing quite a few key people.

my family // LLinaBC.com

and [J]. who I cannot look at without smiling.

the boyfriend, [J] // LLinaBC.com

I have a lot to be happy about today.

I hope you do too.

have a grrrrreat tuesday!


where [the heck] I’ve been.

the truth: taking a mind break. finding myself. and creating goals to make my life in des moines, IA everything I want it to be.

I, again, apologize for the disappearing act I pulled last week. but on a positive note, the content of LLinaBC should benefit from my break. I’ve collected my thoughts, organized them, and have a plan to make this baby better.

besides that, I haven’t done anything too “blog-worthy”. no recent BTS* moments

[blog that shit*].

snow storm QI did survive snow storm Q. frankly, it was overrated where I live. we only got approx. 6″. how’d I survive alllllllll that snow?

moscow mulesI credit the moscow mules [J] mixed up for us, the couch, & nowhere to be! these may be my all-time favorite cocktails. they’re scrumptious, refreshing ..& dangerous.

flowers from [J]

[J] took off on friday for a business trip. he’s gone for seven days. comes home for one. and   leaves again for five more. so he generously surprised me with a bouquet of flowers. they’re absolutely beautiful. and help bridge the distance gap a little.


the next book club read is: The Night Circus. by erin morgenstern.

the night circusthe book club has been a bit chaotic this month. {The Thread Affect} is climbing mount everest, seriously [wonder woman? yes]. & I moved to a different state. so in the midst of all of that, we decided on The Night Circus. and we’ll be posting our reviews together on Thursday, March 7th.

if you’re thinking, this is too short of notice to start & finish a book ..you might be right. but I’m going to prove you wrong [I hope], because I started TODAY. and I’m on page 55. [there’s approx 500]. be crazy with me! get your copy {here}.

I must go. [I hate talking about this. I may be a little superstitious. but ..] I have an interview this morning. wish me luck.

then I have big plans: organize the pantry. to rival those on pinterest.

happy monday.