health // oil pulling.

my honest to goodness feelings on oil pulling & how I manage to pull it off.

pun intended.

oil pulling //

the first day I tried oil pulling, I sat down & stared at the clock. which resulted in me spitting out the oil after only 9 minutes. and yes, I was then skeptical I could ever complete the full 20 minutes. but I tried again the next day.


each morning I wake up, I immediately put 1 teaspoon of organic coconut oil in my mouth. go directly to the microwave & put 20 minutes on the clock. then I begin my morning; I start a pot of coffee, occasionally I pack my lunch or make breakfast, I respond to emails, write a list for my day, etc. [basically I keep busy]. in life and with oil pulling ..the busier you are, the faster time will go. the timer eventually goes off, and I spit the oil + any excess in the garbage. [save your drains, go for the garbage]. then I brush my teeth, and get on with my day.


I had conducted a little internet research before ever imagining swooshing oil in my mouth for 20 minutes because it sounds crazy. and apparently, there are quite a few benefits. but I was sold on one in particular: teeth whitening. I love coffee + red wine, but they stain your teeth. and if you know me or don’t, you’d still probably know ..I would much rather do about anything than give up my coffee, so I decided to try oil pulling. and three weeks in, my teeth are noticeably whiter. and I’m sold.


the thought of swooshing oil in your mouth at all, let alone for 20 minutes, should gross you out. it’s far from normal. but truly, coming from a ‘texture phobia’ individual [ie. I am hesitant to eat bananas because of their mushy texture], the worst part is the first minute, when you’re patiently waiting for the solid to turn liquid. then as I said, just keep busy. the timer will go off shortly and you’ll be free.

I hope this helped for those of you who are on the fence. I cannot wait to hear all of your feedback. and just remember, twenty minutes seems longer than it really is. the busier you stay, the faster time will go.

do it for your coffee-drinking pearly whites!

happy monday.

health // spring goals.

with my wedding less than 7 months away, and warmer weather so close I can almost feel it is time to take my health + fitness up a level. ‘experts’ say it takes two weeks to create a habit, I am pretty certain it takes me closer to 3 months. so I need to begin now.

the way I see it, the smallest of changes can make a huge impact. and honestly ..the bigger the change, the less likely I am to stick with it. it’s just the way the cookie crumbles around here.

4 small changes I’m making today to better my health.

spring goals //

I use a fitness band [particularly: the jawbone UP24] to track my steps each day & my sleep each night. // a lot of water. // if you don’t know what ‘oil pulling‘ is, google it. I may report back later on my results/opinion. // I spend so much time sitting every day, why not make the sitting productive with a stability ball?

it’s the little things in life.

happy thursday!

and have a great first day of spring – hope it’s warm for you :)

the week in photos.

happy game day saturday!

I was, no doubt, thrown off by labor day monday. so today is an ‘imitation’ friday around here. which pretty much works perfectly ..

the week in photos.

last saturday, [J] & I made the trek to our old college town. sadly, our football team couldn’t pull out a win. but we still had funwin or lose, we still booze.

[today we’re going to watch the iowa hawkeyes from the comfort of our living room. hoping for a better end result].

the week in photos, sept 6th //

the week in photos, sept 6th //

we continued our birthday celebrations into the weekend.

the week in photos, sept 6th //

the week in photos, sept 6th //

my dad rocking his birthday present from [J] & I. a {RAYGUN} tee shirt. [and already managed spill beer on it, before 9AM].

the week in photos, sept 6th //

hey [J].

the week in photos, sept 6th //

the beautiful kinnick stadium.

the week in photos, sept 6th //

had so much fun with [J] + my parents.

and one last thing ..

the week in photos, sept 6th //

coconut oil. I’m newly obsessed, and maybe, late to the party. but it is amazing, for practically everything. I’ve been using it as a moisturizer on my skin! {read more}.

have the best weekend.