life // keep caffeinated.

don’t waste the remainder of your summer by drinking hot coffee.

especially when it’s so easy to make¬†home-brewed iced coffee. using items you already have; coffee grounds, water, & a coffee filter. [I use the one that came with my coffee pot]. just remember: 1 cup of coffee grounds to 4.5 cups of water. let them marry in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours. and you’ll be a happy camper.

life // keep caffeinated c/o

life // keep caffeinated c/o

my favorite part: taking it to work a mason jar. because it’s more fun that way.

life // keep caffeinated c/o

happy tuesday.

cold-brew coffee. at home.

I love my coffee. Iced preferred [as I’ve raved about before]. I found a cold-brew recipe months ago [on pinterest], but because of the freezing weather ..I refrained. Thursday night, with the temps in the 70’s ..I finally did it!

I went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond ..and went crazy on supplies!

the recipe:

1 cup of coffee grounds.
4.5 cups of water.
[I made double].

seal. & let it work it’s magic overnight [or 8-12 hours].
12 excruciating hours later, filter. [through a mesh strainer AND coffee filters. I used 3 and some straggler coffee grounds still managed to find their way into my cold-brew].
side note: [J] told me he had a “surprise” for me friday night. restaurant-sized filters!! I’m going to be a cold-brewin’ machine now. [Thanks babe!!!!] :)

For a fun, been dreamin’ about these forever ..I brewed a pot of coffee, cooled it, poured it in an ice cube tray, & froze. voil√† my friends ice cubes!! Perfect for iced coffee. Guaranteed not to water it down!

I bought us “eco-friendly” cold to go cups.

And let me just tell you, its the little things in life!