life lately.

life has been a constant buzz lately. and it only makes sense to take a moment + share what’s been going on.

if I can give one piece of advice for soon-to-be brides, it is that your wedding will consume your thoughts; day & night. I am 8 months from “the big day,” and have wedding dreams nightly. it’s not bad, but it is more than I expected. [J] & I are putting the finishing touches on our wedding invitations, and will be sending them out soon. I am shifting my focus to our Iowa wedding reception, and will be sharing details on the blog.

[J] & I are moving to a new apartment. in two short weeks. it’s only 5 miles from our current apartment, but is much more spacious. I can’t believe I have to box up our lives & need to stop procrastinating.

february is proving to be an exciting month; I have many events & blogger collaborations in the works.

after working on a project for jess at stamp in my passport, I have decided to regularly spotlight the wonderful city I live in, Des Moines. and all that it has to offer. so look for that feature coming soon.

yesterday my computer & camera banned together and decided to take a day off. turns out, they’re still on strike today. so while frustrating, I’m thankful for tablets & camera phones.

it has been snowing since 5AM and refuses to end until tomorrow. which means I’ll be drinking more than my share of coffee to keep warm, and staying inside.

ideas grow here //

a notebook & groom-turned-stress-ball are the ideal companions on a snowy afternoon.

happy tuesday!