DIY gold glitter.

my favorite do-it-yourself projects start at the dollar store.

partially because regardless of the project I have a 50% success rate. and if my supplies are under $5, my failure guilt is very low.

this project is no exception. but thankfully, it ended with success.

our dining room table was in desperate need of an elegant, fun, fall-inspired centerpiece.

[*editor’s note: [J] has been DIY’ing the heck out of our apartment. I felt the need to had to step up my game].

3 plain cream candles. 3 cocktail glasses. and $6 bucks later ..I was well on my way to DIY success.

DIY gold glitter //

DIY gold glitter //

[tip: use unscented candles in your dining room. you want nothing to take away from the smells coming from your scrumptious food].

DIY gold glitter //

all you need is mod podge + glitter.

I went with gold to compliment our dining room decor + the upcoming season: autumn.

DIY gold glitter //

mix & get to painting your candles.

DIY gold glitter //

four coats later ..

DIY gold glitter //

let dry.

DIY gold glitter //

while cleaning up the destruction.

DIY gold glitter //

completely transformed + upgraded $1 candles.

they’re ready for their pedestal …

DIY gold glitter //

DIY gold glitter //

DIY gold glitter //

happy DIY!!!

and happy tuesday too.


let’s fiesta series: DIY napkin flowers.

you're 50. let's fiesta series //

sadly this is the last installment of the “let’s fiesta series” [better known as my mom’s birthday party].

quickly let’s reminisce:

the party recap {here}.

how to make an adult pinata {here}.

DIY photo booth {here}.

party dress {here}.

and today I bring you ..

DIY napkin flowers.

all you need to make them: napkins [in your choice of color]. floral wire. craft sticks. and scissors.

not planning a party any time soon? they also look great on your coffee table. or on a shelf in your office. that’s where you can find them in my house.

happy wednesday!!!

[psssst: this is the first everrrr video on the blog. thank you [J] – it looks great. I can’t wait to do many, many more!!].


currently ..

I am loving tuesday nights. [pretty little liars + smash]. paired perfectly with comfy clothes, the fireplace lit, a glass of wine, & you have perrfection.


I am reading three books: {the happiness project}, {blog inc.}, and I only have a few pages left of {the night circus}. which I will be finishing today! my review will be posted tomorrow. [the next book club read will also be revealed].


I am adoring {the happiness project}. I’d give it to my happiest of friends. it’s an inspiring read.


ever since monday’s {chicken noodle + kale soup}, I am obsessing over the kitchen. so that’s where you’ll find me. concocting another recipe. to be shared soon.


next week is one of my favorite holidays – st. patrick’s day. the blog will be celebrating allllll week long. fun will be had, don’t miss it!


I have the best craft/painting project on my mind, but – I’m a tad frightened of putting it on canvas. I’m more of a pinterest failure than success. if/when I overcome my fear – I will share.


this blog [LLinaBC] will be the home of more DIY projects. more step-by-step recipes. & even, more fun. from now on.



[did I mention I love tuesday nights?]

have the best hump day.

see you tomorrow – book review & the new read announced.