decorating above the kitchen cabinets.

[J] & I have made so much progress in our apartment. I am absolutely in love. I walk through the door and immediately “ahhhhh” in happiness. it feels like home.

we are so excited to be welcoming our first out-of-town guests this afternoon: [J]’s family. they’re coming from chicago, to spend the day with us. and to see our new place. so naturally, we spent the weekend working on the projects left on our ‘to do list’. including ..

decorating above our kitchen cabinets.

we have a lot of empty space between our ceiling & cabinets – it needed to be decorated. but it’s an area I’ve never tackled before. I took to {pinterest} for ideas. where I stumbled upon my final {inspiration}.

decorating above kitchen cabinets

we did all of this in one day. from two stores [TJ maxx & hobby lobby]. and all for under $100.

decorating above kitchen cabinets


all pieces [above] from TJ Maxx.


letters from hobby lobby.

[we spray painted: espresso brown].

decorating above kitchen cabinets

decorating above kitchen cabinets

there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the pieces we picked. we just liked them. [especially the fish]. and they provided the ‘pop of color’ we wanted.

it may seem to be an ‘insignificant’ space to take time & money to decorate, but it has made a huge difference. and we are so happy with the finished product.

happy monday all.

[and let’s all hope for spring to come to the midwest. it’s been snowing for two days. and I’m over it. I’d happily settle on 40°].


bar cart inspiration.

ever since moving into our new place, I have been craving [yes, again] a bar cart. there is nothing more adult/1920’s about ..‘can I pour you a drink?’. 

so [J] & I gathered some inspiration. and began building our cart. [hint: ‘bar cart’ on pinterest leads to an array of ideas].

here are the tops.

bamboo bar cart


bar cart white{source}.

bar car blue glasses


bar cart bamboo


I cannot wait to share our finished cart with you next week.

complete with vodka. lemons. and bottle openers.

[isn’t decorating so much fun?]


the morning after.

basically in my mind, [even after the many times we’ve moved], I keep thinking you unload the truck & you’re miraculously “moved in”. that’s not how it works. thank you to the muscles of my dad & [J]. and my mom, & grandparents skills.. we unloaded the truck in record time. went out to dinner, in celebration. & then instantly fell asleep, in our box-filled bedroom.

this morning we returned the moving truck & got to work unpacking boxes. we’re maybe halfway done. I intended to show more pictures. but there is literally not a corner actually unpacked in this place. there will be soon, I hope. bare with me. meet the almost completed entryway..


I promise to take an overload of new home pictures to post on monday. don’t judge the decorating.. [J] said that is a reward for unpacking all of the boxes. I won’t be holding my breath.

but the best thing we’ve stumbled upon while unpacking.. so far.


the jar I gave to [J] filled with 100 reasons why I love him. circa 2009. we both loved stumbling upon this gem.. our first kiss five years from today. or as I put it “the day we fell in love“. & it was a friday too. what a coincidence.

we’re now laying on the couch, in front of our little fireplace. after an evening of catching up with friends!

happpppy friday.

[we don’t have internet, yet. but I’ll be posting tomm. & I’ll make sure to snap a couple sneak peeks for instagram].

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