our weekend in des moines.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend.

[J] & I got home late sunday night from iowa. and were so exhausted, I was functioning at about 60% all day monday. but am happy to say ..I’m now recovered.

we left friday morning, to join our friends for their pre-wedding festivities [couples shower, bachelor/ette parties]. in des moines, IA.

[I anticipated this photo the entire two hours it took us to get to the iowa border. my expectations were higher, but it turned out ok – for being in a moving car, going 75mph].

the couple’s shower was a casual backyard party; complete with a margarita station, the groom’s home-brewed beer [which was delicious], a scrumptious italian buffet, a game of bags/”cornhole”, and re-purposed wine bottle lanterns as centerpieces. everyone had a blast and I loved catching up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile!

then came saturday..

the boys left mid-morning, destination: only God knows, for the bachelor party. it’s still a mystery to me. but I had more important things on my mind – like changing into my black & gold and heading off to a bar to watch the iowa hawkeyes. which I did, with my Aunt! the weather was gorgeous, so we sat outside – ate, drank, & watched iowa beat minnesota.

[classy ladies – i think. the purse on the left, I got my aunt on hautelook. love!]

then came the bachelorette festivities… which began with a sushi & hibachi dinner.

always guaranteed to be a great time. but this place did something I have never experienced at a hibachi restaurant …

the chef shot SAKE at us. and you had two options: take it like a champ OR pay the consequences [being drenched in sake].

[the bride!!]

my first turn: he got sake in my eye, so I turned away [natural reaction] ..well he kept on shooting sake at the side of my head. I got drenched. my second turn: I took the bottle right out of his hands, helped myself, and didn’t spill a drop.

[all the gals].

[J] & I had so much fun – we can’t wait for the wedding at the end of the month!!

on our way home, I conveniently needed coffee as we were approaching Iowa City.  we were there once last year for one day. and I miss it. we both have a lot of memories in that small town – including it being where we met, six years ago. so we took a joy ride through town. then stopped in the middle for [J] to ..

clean the windshield.

while I took photos …

then we were back on the road …

[a picture I took in the car ..#nofilter – just a gorgeous night].

until next time IOWA …

happy tuesday.

[I can’t believe it’s october already].

road trippin’ to iowa.

mr [J] & I are in the car – headed for the great state of iowa.


I got the atlas ready!!

we are making the trip for the wedding shower & bachelor/bachelorette festivities of two of our college friends. It’s approximately 6 hours.. so I packed a cooler with any beverage [J] & I could possibly have a craving for and snacks.


we’ll see you soon des moines, IA

have a happpppy weekend

[next week: an outfit post + a wknd recap + my fall bucket list + more]

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