the week in photos.

friday is upon us.

wooo hooo.

the weekend brings: apartment searching. magical mike. watching [J] play soccer. a backyard fiesta. and if the temp stays over 100*, very few outdoor activities.

has it not been uncomfortably hot? even with the A/C cranked up ..I still need a fan blasting at my face.

dear mother nature: I’d be happy as a clam with 85*.

and now: the week in photos :)

[J] & I went to a schaumburg boomers baseball game. [& I rocked a fedora].

it was a grrreat date night. & we got free travel mugs + a bag. [see [J] rockin’ the bag above].

[J] wanted to go hit golf balls. this is what I did.

I got festive with my nail polish.

bikin’ & beachin’ downtown chicago.

[J] & I only drink bud heavy one day a year: on the 4th. they’re so festive with their bottles.

northwest fourth-fest for a picnic & fireworks.

fun fireworks show: with a bright orange moon.

I’m using & loving my diaper bag.

I met Woodman’s grocery store. can you say the best deals & prices? I love it so much I’m moving in.

[J] & I stopped at starbucks for our morning iced black coffee. but the photos of their signature drink were too convincing and [J] order a venti mocha cookie crumble. [in a perfect world with no calories, I’d order it every day].


happy weekend all.

an unexpected gift from my parents.

It is common practice for my mom & I to shop the coach outlet during our trips to colorado.

well, I was pleasantly surprised to hear my parents didn’t break the tradition when they headed west. even more of a surprise: they got me a new bag.

it would be awhile ’til I was formally introduced to this grand gift, so my mom tried to send pictures. one failed attempt after another, we decided to settle on a verbal description. the key words: gold, big enough to fit your laptop.

[I was actually in the market for a new “work appropriate” tote. thanks parents!!!]

I met “it” last week during my iowa visit. and boy was I surprised ….

I love the gold.

I love how spacious it is.

[it can definitely hold my laptop].

the surprise:

mom, why does it have a such a durable shoulder strap and a mysterious satin pad?

oh, no big deal …

the parentals accidentally gifted me a:

coach DIAPER BAG!!!!

NO, I am NOT expecting.

this was purely a misunderstanding of the bag’s purpose.

and the joke of the year.

thank you parents for my first baby gift.

[maybe in the next 10 years we will be able to use it, for its real use].

in the meantime: [J] & I decided the bottle holders will double well as wine/beer holders.

we’re just being resourceful.

I’d hate for such a gorgeous bag to sit & wait around for a baby to come just to see the light of day.

once again, I love it. [and love even more, it provides a great amazing story & laugh].

happy monday all.

[ps: if you really want to make a statement with your designer diaper bag: look at this].