life // in 6 days.

when I miss national coffee day, you know I’m preoccupied.

I promise in a short amount of time, my blog will go back to “normal”. by normal, I mean regular posts and not all about my wedding.

lately, if I’m not in the office on the clock, I’m in wedding mode. constantly. but I’m not being too hard on my distracted self. this precious time is flying by. and regardless of the never-ending lists + stress, I’m loving it.

we started packing our suitcase[s] on sunday. fingers crossed the airline’s scale is feeling forgiving. our clothes ..not a problem. our wedding “stuff” ..heavier problem.

one week from right now, we will be traveling to or be at our resort in punta cana.

life // in 6 days c/o

excuse me while I squeal in excitement. for the next 6 days.

happy tuesday.

wedding // luggage tags.

it has been almost one year since we sent out our wedding invitations. and nearly six months since many of our guests booked their travel. we wanted to send a small pre token of appreciation and a “get excited” package to those who’d be joining us in the dominican republic. so [J] + I put our heads together.

we decided on luggage tags. accompanied by a thank you card + travel tips.

I cannot rave enough about my husband-to-be. he custom designed every single bit of our wedding. everything you see, he designed. and there’s so much more were these came from. [cannot wait to share it all soon].

wedding // luggage tags c/o

wedding // luggage tags c/o

wedding // luggage tags c/o

wedding // luggage tags c/o

we are in the homestretch. only FOURTEEN days until we board an airplane on the way to our destination wedding!

I only have one thing to say ..

wedding // luggage tags c/o

happy monday.

wedding // 3 months to go.

3 months from today, [J] + I will be boarding an airplane for the dominican republic. with my wedding dress in tow. accompanied by our closest friends + family, for the vacation of a lifetime to get married.

only to return 8 days later, as husband + wife.

time to take a deep breath and try to enjoy what’s left to plan of our wedding. I have a feeling the next three months will fly by.

wedding // 3 months to go c/o

[please excuse appreciate my impressive graphic design skills stick figures].

hope you all had an amazing fourth of july!

happy monday.

see you tomorrow for a look at my holiday weekend.