des moines // summer is half over.

des moines // summer halfway c/o

I cannot stress enough: summer is half over. [and wonder the heck did that happen?]. the season to “squeeze it all in” tends to go by at a much more rapid pace, than say ..winter. but with the wedding mere months away, it’s going by even faster.

we have officially entered “summer bucket list crunch time”.

sadly, below is my updated list. I need to get busy. [and to be fair, I went to the farmer’s market, just didn’t walk away with a breakfast burrito I’m not counting it. I want a breakfast burrito!!].

• visit the downtown farmer’s market. don’t leave without out fresh flowers, a breakfast burrito, and a large iced coffee.

• drink with wild animals. [go to zoo brew].

• go cheer on the iowa cubs. // complete!

dine al fresco at malo. // complete [and so delicious!].

• go to jasper winery for a summer concert series nights.

• have a picnic at saylorville lake.

• take a 20-mile bike ride.

• have our engagement photos taken.

• go to the iowa state fair. [maybe for a concert?].

• visit 5 4 3 [new to me] des moines restaurants. // 2 down: mullet’s + malo [see #3].

• sample beers at a local brewery.

spend the fourth of july out of town. with friends + fireworks. // complete!

• go tent camping. [at least 1 night. and s’mores must be involved].

• attend an art festival.

• read 3 books. preferably poolside.

how are you doing on your bucket list? do you have any tips to maximize your summertime?

happy monday.

des moines // date night.

it is technically my “friday”. WOO HOO!! bright + early tomorrow morning, [J] & I are headed for the iowa/illinois border. his sister is tying the knot this weekend. and we will be there to partake in the festivities. plus a few other fun things, like going to a chicago cubs game on sunday afternoon.

on friday nights, [J] & I like to have a date night. or a celebration of the work week being over. whichever you’d like to call it.

last week, I convinced him to make the long 15 minute drive downtown des moines. and drug him to this restaurant + bar I had heard a lot about, mullets. [no that is not a spelling error. mullets; party in the back, business in the front. you got it]. it has an amazing rooftop deck that overlooks the river, the city of des moines, and the iowa cubs baseball stadium. we indulged in food + uber classy beverages. [I’ve never had thee “banquet beer”/coors before]. the food was scrumptious. I love spicy. so I went for a burger stuffed with cheese + jalapenos, topped with smoked jalapeno bacon + barbecue sauce. it’s making my mouth water now. I couldn’t have been happier with our date night destination.

we then went to the diviest dive bar, with the friendliest people and watched the chicago black hawks defeat the LA kings in game 6.

des moines // date night c/o des moines // date night c/o

des moines // date night c/o

des moines // date night c/o

des moines // date night c/o

happy friday wednesday!


des moines // major leagues.

being from iowa, I have come to expect certain questions when traveling. the number one is without a doubt, “what do you do there?”. and number two ..

“who do you root for? you have no professional teams”.

the person asking the question assumes it’s a negative. I, on the other hand, quite enjoy it. the state of iowa is home to zero professional sports. which leaves the decision up to me. the person sitting next to you at buffalo wild wings could very well be a texas fan, and next to him a california fan. then the person says, “well that’s sad, the state doesn’t have that comradery that only comes with intense love for their team”. I’d beg to differ. we take our sports very seriously.

plus I’m willing to bet the red sox fan living in new york city wishes he had the freedom to choose without fear.

no, we do not have any professional sports teams. but we do have sports. every sport you could possibly want to see.

including the iowa cubs, who feed straight into the chicago cubs.

and believe me, a day at the baseball stadium is much cheaper in des moines, IA.

des moines // major leagues c/o

des moines // major leagues c/o

des moines // major leagues c/o

much, much more to come from des moines, IA.

happy tuesday.