miscellaneous four.

hello all. we have made it to the second friday of 2014. I’d say so far so good, but there is something about the start of a new year that makes me want to achieve more. as soon as possible. I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with tasks and lazy, all at the same time. if that makes sense. on that note, let me share four takeaways from my week.

1 // wedding planning has been consuming my thoughts lately. [J] & I have secured the major details or so I thought. but it appears there are many more facets to this occasion than my brain had even considered. I also can’t believe how far in advance everything must be done, especially if your wedding is in the ever popular fall season. now I make up for lost time, and quick. [side note: I could not be happier to have an involved fiance. he wants to help. and I am gladly accepting it. co-planners].

2 // I have puppy fever. the rational side of me knows this is crazy not the right time [see above]. there is way too much going on in our lives right now to throw a puppy into the mix. but the irrational larger side of me thinks puppies are always a good idea. just maybe, we can give ourselves a wedding gift [ahhem: a sweet little golden retriever].

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3 // organizing. have you ever gathered every random piece of paper & folder from around your house and piled them on your dining room table, only to look at the overwhelming stack and think ..hm, I don’t have time for all that. maybe later. and then later becomes next week. that’s where I am right now. and I need to stop with the later, so today it is. Iheart Organizing has great tips + tricks for tackling the paper piles.

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4 // if I make + stick to one ‘resolution’ this year, I want it to be ..every single night when I go to bed, I want to know I accomplished as much as I possibly could that day. and go to sleep with a clear, satisfied mind. hefty goals much? shoot for the stars.

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I hope your year is off to a roaring start!

have an amazing weekend.

holiday stories.

today is book review day.

but we didn’t quite finish the book decided instead to get in the holiday spirit and share our favorite christmas stories.

through the entire month of decemeber, you can catch me only watching the hallmark channel, lifetime, and ABC family. they play the best holiday movies. the cheesier, the better. I eat them up. but for books, it’s been awhile since I sat down and read one. so I dug deep, and came up with my two [all-time] favorites.

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I, like most, people love dr. seuss. his stories are fun + whimsical. and when you get a little older, realize they also share great lessons. and with the grinch, it’s that the magic of christmas doesn’t revolve around lights + presents. it’s what you make it and being with the people you love.

[*editor’s note: the movie is so good too].

holiday stories // LLinaBC.com

I can practically recite this entire story without even opening the book. but it means more than the story to me. whenever my entire family gets together for the holidays, on christmas eve night all 9 of us grandchildren sit down and grandpa reads this story to us. that’s what christmas is aboutmaking sweet memories that you’ll always remember.

holiday stories // LLinaBC.com

grandpa reading to us on christmas eve 2009.

[*editor’s note: poor, poor photo quality].

I’d love to hear your favorite holiday stories, memories, and traditions.

and make sure to read erika of all things E blog favorites!

happy thursday.