dropping the ball.

so at the beginning of each month, I loosely plan out what will appear on the blog. an editorial calendar, if you will. and truthfully, it helps. I always usually know what the next day will bring. but regardless, this is a “lifestyle blog” and sometimes life happens to step in & change the plans around a bit.

take today for example ..

should be posting the review on the August {blogger book club} read, “he’s gone”.

instead I’m showing you reasons why I’m not.

I got off work at 9PM. and I had every intention of going home to finish the last 40 pages of the book & write my review. but .. as much as I hate to place blame on [J] & my dad, I must! [my dad is in town for work]. they said “one beer”.

dropping the ball // LLinaBC.com

dropping the ball // LLinaBC.com

how could I resist that face? or the chance to beat both of them in big buck hunter? [which I did].

dropping the ball // LLinaBC.com

dropping the ball // LLinaBC.com

dropping the ball // LLinaBC.com

the bottom line ..I’m a sucker for peer pressure.

so while I’m finishing the book ..

go read megan of {The Thread Affect}’s review.

and come back .. I’ll be posting mine tomorrow!

happy thursday.


“Drinks & Dreams”

“Don’t chase anything but drinks & dreams”

Remember in college when taking a shot of ANY kind of alcohol meant you had some sort of chaser in your other hand? It was honestly a reflex; shot of alcohol, followed by whatever was in my right hand. Why do I get the feeling me taking a juice chaser to a whiskey or tequila tasting would be inappropriate now? Yes, hello real world. I may have “crossed over,” but trust me straight whiskey is still as gross as it was in college. I have a point …[wait for it] …

I was at an event last week and met two very unexpected people; unexpected in the way I opened up to complete strangers. They both had me questioning myself, you know, the “what are you doing with your life” question. And they both saw in me something I had almost forgotten. When I was in college (and before), my dreams & aspirations could not be contained. I didn’t even know what to do with them. They pointed in no particular direction, but were huge. After graduation, I took a gigantic leap of faith and moved to New York. My dreams were just going to guide me to where I was “suppose” to go, to what I was “suppose” to do. Surprise… they didn’t.

[Drum roll, please ……..]

Don’t lose sight of your dreams, of what you want. They won’t lose sight of you. They will not pave your way, but they will be sure you never forget them. If dreams were easy to achieve, everyone would be living on a private island and have a six pack. Oh wait, that might just be me, but you get the point. You can’t stop. I can individually promise each person out there, a part of you will always be missing if you don’t go after your dreams. A wise man once told me (a wise man I met six days ago), “Go after what you want! Before you know it, you’re going to wake up, my age, and wish you would have followed your dreams”. Case and point: “Dream big” (thank you Juno). Dream often. and CHASE YOUR DREAMS (and your drinks). I think the best advice is to dream like a little kid. Adults thinks too much. They get in their own heads. They make a plan to go after their dream next year. Why not today? “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” – Thomas Jefferson. Goodbye excuses, reasons, and tomorrowland. I didn’t move to New York to do something I can do anywhere. Thank you to the two strangers, now friends, who gave me the push I didn’t even realize I needed.