the week in photos.

the first week of december is crazily behind us. which means, less than 20 days until christmas. ahhh! besides the below zero temperatures outside, I love this month. so much holiday cheer happiness. the only downside, shopping days are numbered. I need to get it done.

so far so great on the #LLinaBCHolidayChallenge. the house is decorated, the tree is up, and tonight we’re watching “elf”.

week in photos, dec 6 //

“is this too much?”.

week in photos, dec 6 //

week in photos, dec 6 //

week in photos, dec 6 //

week in photos, dec 6 //

week in photos, dec 6 //

we received this ornament at our engagement party. and love it so much, because this was quite literally the scene after [J] proposed. very happy campers. what a thoughtful gift.

week in photos, dec 6 //

on tuesday our #LLinaBCHolidayChallege was to make a big pot of chili. which [J] made himself and even took a picture for me to put on the blog. proud blogger fiance :)

week in photos, dec 6 //

I won this pretty pair of chloe + isabel pearl & crystal earrings. I love days when the mailbox holds goodies like this.

week in photos, dec 6 //

I fell for this rustic star stocking holder from crate & barrel. but [J] said “don’t buy it!!! I’ll make it”. and this is his finished product. I love it! I think it’s so much better. it’s us. and very rustic.

don’t forget it’s not too late to jump on board with the holiday challenge. just snap a photo & share with #LLinaBCHolidayChallenge on twitter or instagram.

happy friday.

have the best weekend.


happy to report.

wedding wednesday //

wedding planning is at a momentary standstill.

[emphasis on planning. the wedding is still a 180% go].

we’re at a happy, strangely calm time in the ‘process’. [J]’s parent’s threw us an engagement party downtown chicago. we appropriately asked our friends to be in our wedding party. we’ve sent out our save-the-dates, and guests are beginning to book their travel. we chose our location & wedding colors. and I purchased my dress.

don’t get me wrong, we have a crazy amount of decisions left to make. I repeat, a crazy amount. but I kind of want to just bask in the decisions we’ve already made. and with such ease. 

before jumping in to the nitty gritty details, I think it’s important to remind myself .. to breathe.

[& keep bottles of wine on hand, always].

william-shakespeare //

happy wedding wednesday.


the week in photos.

happy november.

as always, I cannot believe another month has flown by. and sadly, we’re in “acceptable snow weather”. which means as an iowan I am no longer allowed to complain if it snows. because it’s practically winter. on that rather sad note, [I’m not so much a winter person ..unless it’s seen only through a window, while in sweats, under a blanket, drinking a hot drink in front of the fire. or on christmas] let’s reminisce about the month of october.

boom! //

I “styled” my new favorite sweatshirt.

eat local //

I was a guest judge for a local des moines food competition. the food was amazing.

dressing up a tee //

I bought a pair of booties that I love. and rocked them with a tee shirt + blazer.

event: loft grand opening //

I attended the grand opening a LOFT store in iowa.

engagement party //

[J]’s parent’s threw us an engagement party in chicago.

cozy peanut butter popcorn //

made thee most delicious sweet popcorn concoction: cozy peanut butter popcorn.

be my bridesmaid //

[J] & I’s friends said “yes” to being in our wedding party.

pumpkin carving //

we carved + painted pumpkins.

double denim //

I wore double denim.

pumpkin patch //

and we went to pumpkin patch. came home with zero pumpkins, but thankfully 6 apple cider donuts.

have the best weekend.

see you in a couple days!