wedding // vacation starts now.

there is no way after a year of dreaming up our wedding week away in paradise, that it is already here ..or maybe it really is.

hold on while I pinch myself. 


after an essential stop for iced coffee, [J] + I are driving to chicago. we will be joining [J]’s parents for wine + pedicures this evening.

it’s up in the air if we’ll actually sleep tonight. let’s be truly honest, I’m entirely too excited. but also, we must be at o’hare well before the sun comes up on tuesday morning.


hold on while I pinch myself, again.

the next time you hear from me, I will be a mrs. 

I cannot promise anything, but if you follow along on instagram + facebook there may be a peek. #LLinaBCgetshitched

[our wedding day is saturday, october 11th].

wedding // vacation starts now c/o

wedding // vacation starts now c/o


I have asked some of my favorite bloggers to share their wedding tips, tricks, & snapshots with all of you while I’m away.

so stay tuned each day this week.



life // lately.

I have been living + breathing our wedding.

we are now 33 days away from our departure date. and while sinking into that airplane seat, knowing we are finally heading to paradise to tie the knot will be synonymous with a huge sigh of relief ..we have so much to do in the coming days. so many tiny details to create. so many major tasks to accomplish. it’s all a bit overwhelming + completely exhilarating at the same time. without question, I know everything will get done. but without a load of stress [and it’s evil accomplice, aka exhaustion, break outs, etc]  is not possible.

the good news: I have so many fun wedding projects + ideas to share from [J] & I’s planning adventure. like a sweet “thank you” basket for those special people that host your bridal shower. and a few inexpensive ways to personalize your big day.

but in the meantime, go read about [J] + I’s trip to the altar. or rather, our love story. shared by women on their way by wyndham worldwide.

engagement photo c/o

*I did receive wyndham reward points in exchange for participating in their ‘travel the distance’ campaign. join their rewards program here.

happy “feels like monday, but is actually tuesday” day!

hope you all had the best of long weekends.

wedding // it’s all in the details.

I truly cannot get enough of [J] + I’s engagement photographs. not in a self-centered way. but in an ‘amazed we pulled together such a beautifully styled shoot’ way. especially since it was our first time. obviously it was a vision we created + brought to life with a lot of help from our photographers, steph + dado of 5th photography.

we are so happy they are fun + artsy, and not your “typical” engagement photos. they were so much fun to shoot. and I see [J] + I’s true self’s portrayed in the images. [thank you steph + dado, you did that!].

it was all in the details.

wedding // it's all in the details c/o

wedding // it's all in the details c/o

wedding // it's all in the details c/o

wedding // it's all in the details c/o

wedding // it's all in the details c/o

wedding // it's all in the details c/o

wedding // it's all in the details c/o

it was easily my pinterest dream come true.

see more of our engagement photographs at 5th photography.

happy thursday.