to infinity.

to infinity //

to say this winter has been brutal would be the understatement of the century. although it could’ve been worse please don’t prove it next year, we were continually breaking the coldest temperatures ever reached day after day. then we’d get snow. then we’d have a day with “high temps” at -3°. that’s a below zero temperature AS A HIGH. and no, I don’t live in antarctica. I live in the middle of the united states.

scarves & mittens have not been optional, but required. which sent me on a search for a nice + cozy scarf that was handmade in the USA.

hello life flourished.

infinity scarves. made in chicago. by an amazing lady named sarah. and they keep me warm & toasty.

to infinity //

to infinity //

to infinity //

to infinity //

[*editor’s note: the infinity scarf is wrapped around my neck once].

sarah @ life flourished is generously offering 20% off to LLinaBC readers, with code: LLINABC20.

let’s all hope we stock up on infinity scarves and don’t have to use them until next winter.

as much as I love my scarf, that’s my hope!

happy thursday.

what I do.

{blog every day in may}:

if you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question, ‘what do you do’?

can I be frank? I hate this question. I have my entire life. regardless.

I’ve always preferred things to be a bit unexplainable. taking a “why not” approach to life. the answer to this question is no different. what do I do? if you asked me on the street, my answer would be “live the dream”. not because I do, but because I’ve found it the most effective way to avoid the question. in reality, I’m a work-in-progress. I [like so many people, at least that’s what I tell myself] am in search of my passion. constantly dreaming of what’s to come. and creating goals to make them real. I’m not defined by my full-time job, because frankly I don’t have one right now. and although it’d make answering this question a whole lot easier, I prefer hard to explain. and I’ve found in the past, although offering more stability, does not always provide happiness. every day is a new adventure for me. as long as I’m working hard & taking steps forward, I’m happy. I’ve always wanted to create my own path. and am so grateful for the chance.

how to sail my ship

- louisa may alcott

whatever you do, do it well. give it your all. and don’t have regrets.


on that note, [J] & I are going to drop off a couple {not-so-dainty} orders at the post office. and have lunch!

happy monday.