an ode to [J], of sorts.

[*editor’s note: this post was originally titled “weekend snapshots”. once I finished writing + read it ..I realized “an ode to [J]” was exactly what it was. and a more appropriate title. he was a DIY building, early morning shopping trooper this weekend].

sometimes when you least expect it, you have the absolute best weekend. I’m happy to report – mine was unexpectedly amazing, except for my fantasy football team. nothing life altering, but ‘it’s the little things in life’.

since I’m not quite ready to give into monday, I want to share a few of those “little things”.

weekend snapshots //

[J] & I officially reached gold status at starbucks – & our sparkly card arrived in the mail. iced coffee addicts at their finest.

I mentioned on friday, after [J]’s success with our DIY wine racks ..I wanted more. so I created a “man list” for him. little did I know he’d surprise me & tackle the entire thing this weekend ..

weekend snapshots //

our DIY toothbrush + hand towel holder.

weekend snapshots //

I have a thing for pallets ..& I blame pinterest. but after months of pondering what we should do with the pallet we acquired, [J] turned it into this beauty ..

weekend snapshots //

to compliment our grey + yellow bedroom.

the ode to [J] to continues ..

I was so surprised to receive a package on friday, containing an article of clothing I had re-pinned on pinterest earlier in the week. that I did not purchase.

weekend snapshots //

“I NEED COFFEE” long pajama tee.

[this was very sneaky of you [J]. and I love it].

another surprise ..

weekend snapshots //

LLinaBC business cards that [J] created // from moo.

weekend snapshots //

they are amazing.

and last, but certainly not least ..

on sunday morning, I bribed [J] with iced coffee to get out of bed at 6:30AM and go to target with me, for the launch of the 3.1 phillip lim collection. I had my eye on the black pashli doppelganger, and needed my hands on it. so I sacrificed sleeping in on a sunday. and kindly made [J] do the same. when the doors opened at 8AM ..we went straight for the handbags. and five minutes later, they were all gone. but not before I got the bag I wanted, plus a yellow crossbody. & the BOOM sweatshirt.

weekend snapshots //

[they’re both sold out online, but may still be available in your target store].

weekend snapshots //

see more photos of the phillip lim + target adventure on LLinaBC’s facebook page.

bonus: my college team, the iowa hawkeyes beat our instate rivals.

so there you have it. what makes a great weekend in my book.

have the best monday.

see you tomorrow!


the week in photos.

I have a story.

monday night I somehow convinced [J] to grill us brats for dinner. this is only a feat because it was approximately 9PM. a tad too late to be firing up the grill. but he agreed. and I insisted, I help. I opened the door to our balcony/patio ..and straight at my face, comes a MASSIVE FLYING OBJECT. I fall over backwards to escape. literally – right over onto the ground. while screaming my brains out, of course. [our neighbors, I’m sure, think I was being attacked which I kind of was].

then the search began ..what the heck just flew into our apartment?

not a minute later, from a shelf in our office emerges ..

wk in photos, sept 13 //

NO BIG DEAL – just a preying mantis.

wk in photos, sept 13 //

um nice of you to visit, but will you kindly exit as quickly as you entered? thanks.

[*editor’s note: notice he’s staring down the camera me. I was slightly terrified he’d fly at my face again].

we can call that my excitement for the week. my blood pressure is yet to return to normal.

but I have a couple other gems to share ..

week in photos, sept 13 //

these wooden wine racks [J] made.

week in photos, sept 13 //

little does he know since building these, I’ve started a list of projects for him. we’ll call it: [J]’s man list.

and last night, this was the scene in our apartment ..

week in photos, sept 13 //

[J] took off for “guy’s night”. and I got comfy at home, on the couch. for a minute or two. when I took the wine glass + bottle to our bedroom, set them on my night stand ..& drank while watching TV in bed. judgers be gone, we’ve all done it.

isn’t the name of the wine fitting? lazy bones.


also follow along with me on instagram for photos throughout the week.

instagram @LLinaBC

have the absolute best weekend.

[and please, wish my fantasy football team good luck. did I mention I’m playing in a league with 12 other bloggers? I clearly overestimated my understanding of football, and may have underestimated theirs. it’s stressful. welcome week two ..].


it’s game day.

it's game day //

I’m always excited for football season to show up.

you have a reason to day drink every saturday + sunday, in case you need one.

you can sit on the couch for a consistent 48 hours. and it’s totally acceptable.

mozzarella sticks + chicken wings are encouraged.

ice cold beer becomes a breakfast beverage. or if you prefer: bloody mary & mimosas.

the weather starts to cool down.

you spend much less time in your closet searching. just grab your team’s tee or sweatshirt & you’re out the door.

it's game day //

and this year ..I’m adding one more to the list.

fantasy football.

I’m in a league with 12 other bloggers. and I’m so excited.

so excited in fact, I created a game day sweatshirt. supporting my fantasy team’s name.

it's game day //

with a bill belichick [the new england patriot’s coach] signature touch: cut-off sleeves.

this week I’m going head to head with league commissioner: {karoline with a K}.

may my team win the best team win.

happy football sunday.