the week in photos.

when you’re in the air conditioning, packing for a weekend of college football & drinking pumpkin beer ..your brain screams “FALL!!!“. then you open the door and 100° temps slap that crazy idea right out of your mind. oh well. nothing can bring me down – football is here!!  and fall will come soon enough.

[J] & I are headed to our college town of iowa city, IA to join in on the festivities.

it has been so long since I’ve been back. I’m excited to spend the weekend wandering our old stomping grounds. and cheering on the football team, of course.

[we’re also going to dinner tonight at the spot of our very first date. almost 6 years later].

before I leave town, let’s do ..

the week in photos.

week in photos, Aug 30 //

while [J] was away on business, I took myself to the downtown des moines farmer’s market. 

week in photos, Aug 30 //

I was on a mission for fresh flowers. perfectly placed in my {thursday friday} tote.

week in photos, Aug 30 //

and I couldn’t leave without my standard iced coffee + breakfast burrito, which I got in “bowl” form. to switch it up a bit.

week in photos, Aug 30 //

I also picked up some fresh blueberries. to vodka infuseI’ll be sharing a recipe using blueberry-infused vodka next week.

week in photos, Aug 30 //

and this is what happens when your fiance’s golden birthday rolls around & you get the bright idea to DIY. thankfully the majority of the glitter is either so deep into our carpet we’ll never see it again or sucked up by the vaccum. but those gold confetti stars are haunting me, wherever I go.

and with that .. it’s time to get this weekend started!

if you don’t already, follow me on {instagram} + {twitter}. I’m sure to be an unpredictable, pretending to be twenty-one again, ball of fun. maybe!

one more thing.

in “honor” of my birthday, I’m offering ..

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have the best weekend.