5 reasons I won’t do the bachelor.

believe it or not, I have never watched the bachelor. I may have seen 5 minutes of an episode the very first season. but c’mon, does that count? no. unfortunately, I feel it is my duty, as a born + raised iowan, to watch chris soules. he’s from a tiny iowa town, one hour away from the one I grew up in. [*it’s important to note, my iowa town is way bigger. we’re talking almost 70,000 people bigger]. and by watching one full episode, I was inspired to write ..

5 reasons I won't do the bachelor c/o LLinaBC.com

5 reasons I won’t do the bachelor.

[besides the fact that I’m married].

and by “do,” I mean the show. not the man, for those of you with your mind’s in the gutter.

1. oh, the limo introductions. 99.8% of them make me cringe. like crawl under the covers + hide. so awkward. and I would totally be within that category of awkward intro’s.

2. I’d be the token drunk girl on the first night. 30 girls in 1 hour, fighting for 1 man’s attention. given mere hours [or an hour, does anyone really know?] to make a strong impression + earn a rose. it could just be me, but uncomfortable situations tend to increase my alcohol intake. this situation would top that list.

3. the same reason I was never in a sorority, I could not live with that many girls in one house. I don’t know that for sure, because I never tried. but I could imagine it’d be a struggle .. #CloggedDrains.

4. who likes sloppy seconds thirds fourths fifths sixths? and so on.

5. moving to a farm in iowa. hell no! as previously, mentioned I am an iowan. I had a short stint spent living away, but I came back because I truly love it here. I support + appreciate iowa’s farmers; they truly do feed the world. but if my husband, who I love more than any of those girls will love the bachelor anything in the world, told me we were moving to a 6,000 acre farm with the nearest town having a total population of 400 ..I would say “no thanks!!”. prince farming may be easy on the eyes, but the miles of nothing but corn + soybean fields aren’t, for long. best of luck to the ladies of hollywood, chicago + D.C. ..you’re in for a rude awakening.

who is watching the bachelor tonight?

if you do, let’s talk about it @LLinaBC.

wedding // guest list.

our wedding invitations have arrived. and our dining room table is currently being hidden under mountains of paper + envelopes.

my mom is graciously making her way to des moines this weekend to join [J] & I’s production line. we have agreed to pay her in bloody marys + breakfast burritos at the first downtown farmer’s market of the year. which just so happens to be taking place this weeknd. [and I’m so excited].

we’re slowly making wedding planning progress. very little no thanks to me. basically [J] is a saint.

I need to know ..

is it common to put the guest first in every decision you make for your wedding? I’m struggling to find the balance between what I want & what I feel is best for our guests. in truly, every decision. where we’re registering. if I’m having a bridal shower [because I don’t want my guests to feel they have to travel twice]. if cake or cupcakes would be more enjoyable. you get the drift. I just need to know if it’s normal.

obviously [J] & I are beyond thankful + blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives. and we want them to not only celebrate our marriage by our side, but also enjoy themselves. but when do you draw the line?

wedding // guest list c/o LLinaBC.com

a peak at our save-the-dates.

happy hump day.

we’re halfway there ..

motivated by a burrito.

I hope you all had the best weekend.

my mom called me on friday morning, and asked if she could come visit for the weekend. the perks of living close. [two hours from my hometown]. I said heck yeah. plus [J] was out of town for work, so it was nice to have the company.

we got wild on friday night. I’m talking dinner + a cocktail, or 7. which resulted in a late bedtime. but we were determined to get up super early for the des moines {farmers market}. it’s from 7AM to noon, but we wanted to beat the crowds [and the heat]. so we had to arrive early.

the plan was 7:30AM. the reality 8AM.

let’s just say there was a breakfast burrito I “desperately” wanted. and the last time we went, the line wrapped around the block. “it’s all part of the experience“. when it comes to food & me, especially in the morning ..there’s no messing around in a 30 minute line. so I had a lot of motivation to get there early this time around.

rest assured I got my breakfast burrito.

[which I guess means: I can be bribed out of bed by a breakfast burrito, no matter how early. even slightly hungover & sleep deprived. only slightly ashamed].

des moines farmers market // LLinaBC.com

des moines farmers market // LLinaBC.com

des moines farmers market // LLinaBC.com

first stop: the all-important iced coffee.

des moines farmers market // LLinaBC.com

a much more tolerable burrito line than last time.

des moines farmers market // LLinaBC.com

des moines farmers market // LLinaBC.com

I’ll have everything please“.

des moines farmers market // LLinaBC.com

des moines farmers market // LLinaBC.com

des moines farmers market // LLinaBC.com

until next time breakfast burrito farmers market.

I’m officially hungry for breakfast, rolled in a tortilla. 

happy monday.