the end: #febphotoAday

27. something you ate

A Panera cinnamon crunch bagel. I’ve been craving forever!

28. money

it’s in there somewhere. amongst the gloves, umbrella, notebook, & nook book.

29. something you’re listening to

tonight celebrating “leap day,” with a beer & american idol

Februaryit’s been fun, it’s been realit’s been real fun.

BUT – bring on #MarchphotoAday

[tomorrow: up]

[Thanks again Fat Mum Slim]

#febphotoAday week 4.

Happy [relaxing, sunny] Sunday :)

The last full week of February has come & gone. And only THREE #FEBphotoAday days remain to be captured. Do not fret, Fat Mum Slim has posted the prompts for the month of March. If you didn’t jump on in February, it’s time to give in. It’s a mini-scrapbook of your month. And it’s fun to look back.

20. handwriting

[J]’s motivational words on my mirror.

21. a fave photo of you

football tailgates. best friends. iowa. clearly having a [ball].

22. where you work

my monday-friday home.

23. your shoes

tell me what’s better: comfy clothes, slippers, candle light, & WINE.

24. inside your bathroom cabinet

downstairs bathroom: still filled with BlogHer ’11 swag.

25. green

we liked the bar so much, we got some beer to go :)

26. night

goodnight sun, see you Monday.