wedding // engagement dreams.

all of my dreams came true when I met [J]. and then again, when I met steph + dado, the two lovely people that make up 5th photography. they helped [J] + I turn our crazy engagement shoot vision into a reality. but not only that, they made it perfect. what I saw in my mind was nowhere near how beautiful it actually was when it came together. [minus the swarms of mosquitoes ..those weren’t in my dreams].

wedding // engagement dreams c/o

now go see the rest of them .. 5th photography // chelsea + jeff.

happy wednesday.

let’s fiesta series: DIY napkin flowers.

you're 50. let's fiesta series //

sadly this is the last installment of the “let’s fiesta series” [better known as my mom’s birthday party].

quickly let’s reminisce:

the party recap {here}.

how to make an adult pinata {here}.

DIY photo booth {here}.

party dress {here}.

and today I bring you ..

DIY napkin flowers.

all you need to make them: napkins [in your choice of color]. floral wire. craft sticks. and scissors.

not planning a party any time soon? they also look great on your coffee table. or on a shelf in your office. that’s where you can find them in my house.

happy wednesday!!!

[psssst: this is the first everrrr video on the blog. thank you [J] – it looks great. I can’t wait to do many, many more!!].


the week in photos.

happy march.

that came quickly. have I been living in des moines 3 weeks already? wow. february you’ve been eventful, but you can pack up your snow storm friends and let spring take over. I’m ready.

in the wise words of author gretchen rubin [of {the happiness project}]:

“the days are long, but the years are short.” 

on that lovely note, let me share my last week of february ..

a great moment on the ellen show

if you did not see this moment during the ellen show this week, you need to watch it. she is hysterical. and this is ahh-mazing! see it here: {it’s raining film canisters}.

new coffee sign the happiness project - proofs of love mason jar drinking

happy place the night circus at barnes and noble

I’m loving this month’s book club pick: {the night circus}. I grab a coffee and happily lose myself for hours in this read.

the night circus quote

I think “put effort & energy” means I’m not going to drop a lb [or ten] by just thinking about it. so ..

I’m going to start this month off right. in the gym. 

also, [J] returns from his week-long business trip this afternoon. ohhh happy day! bring on a fun, relaxing weekend with me attached to him [poor guy!]. I’m not crazy ..he leaves again on sunday. a girls gotta take what she can get.

happy friday. hello weekend.

see you monday! for my chicken noodle soup + kale recipe.