2014: year in review.

2014: year in review c/o LLinaBC.com

oh, 2014. you were one for the books.

we moved into a new apartment in des moines. • I accepted a new job in march. • in april, I attended go blog social [a blogger conference] in kansas city. • we had the most magical engagement photographs taken. it was my pinterest dream come true. • I got married. which I’m sure you probably didn’t even know, because I barely spoke about it. not here, or here, and surely not here. I may have even forgotten to share our wedding video. insert: an overload of sarcasm. • we added a sweet, little furbaby to our family + named him Sir Rigby. • we spent the holidays in chicago. •

top four posts of 2014:

hot buttered rum • 10 things you must do in des moines • DIY coasters • bridal sparkle •

honorable mentions:

apple cider moscow mules • DIY housewarming basket • the opening of pinot’s palette • date night at malo •

I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store. I am hoping for an amazing first year of marriage. filled with loads of traveling + adventures. more exploring the great city we live in. much health + happiness. and a lot of time with friends + family.

what were your favorite moments of 2014? what are you looking forward to in 2015?

happy monday!

the week in photos.

it is friday.

I’m off to unwind, at my first ever massage. truth. then after 50 minutes of joy ..[J] & I get to spend 5 hours together, in the car. ROAD TRIP! to des moines.

the week in photos.

rolo pancakes breakfast bagel christmas ornamentsfurbaby

  1. I refused to get out of bed, so [J] bribed me with his rolo pancakes & coffee..it worked.
  2. the next day I contributed to breakfast ..sausage, egg, & cheese bagel sandwiches.
  3. we helped to take down [J]’s parent’s christmas tree. all I have to say is 764 ornaments. & four hours. [then a well deserved cocktail].
  4. my mom sent me this picture of my furbaby, meeko. we have agreed, most comfortable sleeping position.

have the best weekend.

the week in photos.

happy black friday.

happy ‘now acceptable to be christmas-y’ day.

you know you were instantly in the holiday spirit when you woke up this morning. like one day goes by, and all of a sudden listening to ‘deck the halls’ isn’t ridiculous, or “too early”. an unexplainable, ‘just the way it works‘ kinda thing.

I hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving. I did, have so much to be thankful for.

hello ‘the week in photos’ thanksgiving edition ..

thanksgiving with my family. in iowa.

  1. my adorable furbaby, meeko.
  2. [J] & I. photo op, gangnam mirror style.
  3. a sistine chapel replica, done with SPRAY PAINT at {Paco’s} restaurant. absolutely breathtaking!
  4. pre-dinner drinks: [J] & my dad.
  5. my mom & I.
  6. my pre-thanksgiving dinner. yummmm!
  7. thanksgiving eve with my parents & [J].
  8. [J] & I with meeko.

on our way from IA to IL, I drank too much caffeine. & made up a dance move: the TURKEY TWERK. you have to see it in action.

thanksgiving with [J]’s family. in illinois.

  1. meet the star of thanksgiving: baby callen.
  2. I think I’m more entertaining than he does.
  3. CRY FACE!!
  4. turkey-shaped butter. & cousin nick.
  5. thanksgiving dinner. courtesy of [J]’s aunt & uncle. so delicious!
  6. enjoying a little coloring session. with [J]’s niece, samantha.
  7. thanksgiving #ootd. LC Lauren Conrad holiday sweater & black suede heels. & a watermelon-colored purse.

on monday, I’m sharing my black friday success. [it was my 1st time black friday shopping!!]. and I got some grrrreat deals.

have an amazing weekend.