DIY balcony furniture.

for once in my life [post-living-with-the-parents], I have an outdoor space to call my own.

it wasn’t “essential,” but an absolute bonus when [J] & I settled on our des moines apartment.

when we moved in, the last thing I wanted to do was go outside [it was february]. but once the temperatures began to rise, the balcony was the only thing on my mind. outdoor furniture is really expensive! we wanted a table & 4 chairs. but everywhere we went our budget could hardly cover the plastic option or one wooden chair. so I said “let’s build it“. [let’s is the key word].

I set a tentative deadline of may 1st. but after quite a few unexpected business trips, we pushed it back to june 1st. then more trips. but ..

we finally have outdoor furniture. and it is amazing.

[if it wasn’t for the mosquitoes, I’d never come inside].

DIY balcony furniture //

DIY balcony furniture //

DIY balcony furniture //

DIY balcony furniture //

DIY balcony furniture //

DIY balcony furniture //

the ice bucket is obviously my favorite. there will be no warm beer. or running inside for a cold cocktail in this household.

[J] made everything you see here. including the {glasses}. but excluding the outdoor rug, that’s from {here}. [oh and I stained one chair. I wanted to let my man enjoy being a man ..or so I say]. he did an amazing job. and there was no need for me to get involved.

but ..

[J] found thee most amazing blogger; mom + builder. who shares all of her projects {here}.

she breaks down the materials + tools, cut list, and all of the steps. [for our chairs {here}. for our table {here}].

[J] & I decided to add on the ice bucket. and it was something he was easily able to incorporate into the design.

it turned out better than I could’ve imagined.

who wants to come over for a BBQ & a cocktail?

happy monday.