das boot in des moines.

whenever the husband + I have out-of-town guests, or we’re thirsty, we find ourselves at the hessen haus. it is downtown des moines. and it’s a gem!

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o LLinaBC.com

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o LLinaBC.com

I may be the type of person that labels a place “a gem” based solely on the fact they sell german beer by the liter. or the boot, if you’d prefer. but there’s so much more to this place.

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o LLinaBC.com

if you’re looking for a neat atmosphere ..this place is housed in an old train station, decked out fully as a german bier hall. tell your friends, it’s cultural. then have a liter of franziskaner [my favorite] or a german beer of your choosing, that’s cultural too. believe me, they have a lot of options.

if you’re looking for authentic german food ..look no further. if you’re not ..look no further. I can almost guarantee there is something for everyone here. can you say armadillo eggs? I cannot get enough of these bacon-wrapped chicken tenders, filled with jalapenos + cheese.

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o LLinaBC.com

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o LLinaBC.com

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o LLinaBC.com

want to have some fun? just wait for a train to go by on the tracks outside ..$3 jagermeister + apfelkorn. shots, shots, shots everybody! or pass the boot with your friends. or your husband’s family, like I did last summer. it really brings a family together.

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o LLinaBC.com

and for those who measure a successful summer based on how many outdoor patios they visited ..add the hessen haus to your list. I measure a good time by the company, the sunshine + the size of my beer. just kidding. ish.

let me extend an offer ..if you find yourself in des moines on saturday in the summer, I will happily be your tour guide. we’ll take a trip to the downtown farmers market + cap it off with an afternoon spent on the patio, passing a boot filled with german beer, eating armadillo eggs. sound good?

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o LLinaBC.com

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currently ..

I’m thinking about how much fun I had yesterday. so much, that I’m paying for it this morning. [will I ever learn?].

[J]’s parents & little sister came to visit.

we planned on an early, casual dinner. at a german beer hall, downtown des moines. the {hessen haus}.

what began as an innocent family gathering took an adventurous turn.

with this ..

das boot hessen haus

das boot [J] hessen haus

we ate scrumptious, traditional german food.

and then ..we discovered the restaurant was once a train station. the tracks are still live. and when a train goes by $3.oo apfelkorn shots [a german apple schnapps]. so we had to take part ..

train shots hessen haus

[the blurry photo really demonstrates how I was feeling at that moment]. 

we continued our extravaganza.

royal mile des moines

until the wee hours of the morning.


after four hours of sleep ..

we got up. discovered our car battery was dead. [love car problems]. had breakfast at our favorite spot {the machine shed}. which made everything all better.

and now we’re prepping for our next round of guests. coming on thursday evening!

[lesson learned: cocktail, water, cocktail, water. I’ll thank myself the next day. and I’ll learn eventually].

happy tuesday.