gift guide: for the men.

my husband is the best gift giver. without fail, he always amazes me by somehow remembering an item I mentioned once upon a time that I wanted or needed. it’s so thoughtful and a skill I never acquired. but I do try.

my best advice: stick with what he likes, but take it up a notch. and include some novelty items. for my husband and his newly acquired ring on his left hand ..he needs a safe place for it when it’s not on his finger pretty much while he’s asleep so it should obviously be kept on a gold stag head. or wood coasters for the man cave. bacon hot cocoa. or a desk game to keep him entertained for lulls at work.

gift guide: for the men c/o

• fun socks • collared sweater • plaid shirt • vest • gloves • cologne •

• dopp kit • jewelry stand • wood coasters • desktop skeeball • bacon hot cocoa •

happiest of tuesdays to you.

DIY: coasters.

if you have a friend, family member, or significant other that really likes beer ..this DIY is for you.

one random tuesday morning at 9AM, my fiance calls me, asking begging me to go to the liquor store. at 9AM on a tuesday. apparently this beer, called hopslam, brewed by bell’s is only released once a year and it goes fast. so I changed out of my pajamas and off I went, feeling ridiculous & passing judgement on myself.

all in the name of love I kept repeating.

then to further show my love, I turned his beloved hopslam six-packs into coasters that he can keep forever.

DIY coasters //

DIY coasters //

all you need is: glue, mod podge, a paint brush, a plain white tile [you can get these at any hardware store], and a 6-pack carrier.

DIY coasters //

cut the beer logo out and trim to size of tile.

DIY coasters //

DIY coasters //

add a layer of mod podge to the tile. dot glue around the edge of beer logo. center & let dry.

DIY coasters //

DIY coasters //

paint on multiple layers of mod podge. [be sure to get around the edges]. let dry. and ..

you are finished.

[secure felt circles to the tile’s corners – you can get these at the hardware store too].

DIY coasters //

DIY coasters //

these DIY coasters make for a very personalized, thoughtful gift. sure to be a hit.

perhaps for valentines day ..

happy thursday!