DIY: wine decor.

DIY: wine decor. //

just when you think you should slow down your wine intake on account of the new year, you discover it’ll help spruce up your home. so you continue as you were.

I believe in the beauty of wine bottles. and in recycling, or better re-purposing them. as candle holders. or possibly a vase.

DIY: wine decor. //

DIY: wine decor. //

DIY: wine decor. //

I was searching for a way to divide the eating portion of our peninsula from our sink, and think I found the prettiest barrier.

DIY: wine decor. //

DIY: wine decor. //

and of course, we keep the corks. and any significant dates like [J]’s golden birthday we make sure to document before adding to our collection.

DIY: wine decor. //

have I convinced you?

time to go restock the wine rack!

happy wednesday.

friday is almost upon us.

I am dog sitting for a good friend. today & tomorrow.


let me paint a picture:

yoga pants.

short-sleeved sweater.

[it may be a contradiction. but I love: it’s comfort]

glass of wine.

[in a plastic cup]


[with a group colony of fly-aways]

a heavy detailed instruction list.

[thank you friend, it is very useful]


it is now past 9:30PM [central time].

I apologize for a very late post.

[tomorrow: “the week in photos” will be up & ready @ 7:06AM].

I am going to eat dinner now.

[wow, clearly today is a ‘lazy & late‘ kind of day].

happy thirsty thursday evening.