tips for blog events.

a lot goes into maintaining a blog.

from the beginning, it’s deciding what you want to share with others + how you want your little corner of the internet to look. there’s the endless brainstorming + never-ending possibilities. the styling + photography. the writing + the inevitable writer’s block. the unavoidable technology questions + issues. and of course, a lot of social media.

most blogs are a one-man show. they run the business, brainstorm + create the content, manage the social media channels, work with brands, and a lot of times ..all while simultaneously working a full-time job. it’s hard work, there is no doubt about it. and for those times when it becomes a bit exhausting, your inspiration needs inspiring, you need a fresh pair of eyes, or you just want to be surrounded by people that understand go to a blog conference. and this weekend, I am so excited to be attending the GBS workshop in kansas city, MO.

[semi-side note: I recommend this for professionals in any field. it’s easy to get stuck in a routine. it’s really beneficial to see + hear how others around you are operating. we can all learn a lot from each other].

packing for a blog conference

packing for a blog conference

packing for a blog conference

packing for a blog conference

whenever I’m attending a professional event, you can dump out my tote + see these items ..

a notebook: while the rest of the world has moved on to taking notes on tablets, you can find me in the dark ages ..writing on paper. how you take notes is not important, just write them somewhere.

a writing utensil: even for you tablet users. there have been stranger places you’ve been asked if you have a pen. these are my favorites.

business cards: the trick is remembering to actually give them out. keep a few in hand. they’re not doing you any favors at the very bottom of your tote, all the way across the room, under your chair. we’ve all been there

• water: I keep a water bottle with me at all times, but for conferences ..I also throw into my bag a coconut water. this chocolate flavor is top notch.

phone + charger: the key is to finding a free plug-in when your battery starts to die, mid-tweet. if you can, a portable charger may really come in handy.

breath mints: no explanation necessary.

packing for a blog conference

• if you’re a kansas city guru, where should we eat + drink? the husband is traveling with me + we have an entire day to fill with fun.

• if you’re wanting to attend a blog conference, there are many out there. in fact, go blog social is hosting a two-day conference in april. I will be in attendance. you should too. [details here].

please let the weekend be here now. very soon.

2014: year in review.

2014: year in review c/o

oh, 2014. you were one for the books.

we moved into a new apartment in des moines. • I accepted a new job in march. • in april, I attended go blog social [a blogger conference] in kansas city. • we had the most magical engagement photographs taken. it was my pinterest dream come true. • I got married. which I’m sure you probably didn’t even know, because I barely spoke about it. not here, or here, and surely not here. I may have even forgotten to share our wedding video. insert: an overload of sarcasm. • we added a sweet, little furbaby to our family + named him Sir Rigby. • we spent the holidays in chicago. •

top four posts of 2014:

hot buttered rum • 10 things you must do in des moines • DIY coasters • bridal sparkle •

honorable mentions:

apple cider moscow mules • DIY housewarming basket • the opening of pinot’s palette • date night at malo •

I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store. I am hoping for an amazing first year of marriage. filled with loads of traveling + adventures. more exploring the great city we live in. much health + happiness. and a lot of time with friends + family.

what were your favorite moments of 2014? what are you looking forward to in 2015?

happy monday!

lessons // 13 tips for blog conferences.

13 lessons I learned from GBS2014 //

1. going alone is encouraged. you’ll be forced to step out of your comfort zone + you’ll realize just how rewarding that is.
2. find the fine line between living in the moment + hiding behind your camera lens. be present, but document as you see fit. returning home wishing you had snapped more photos is a rotten feeling.
3. collect business cards like candy. it’s impossible to remember everyone you had the pleasure of meeting, plus they serve as a pretty souvenir.
4. stay hydrated. coffee, champagne, & water are all viable options.
5. be a sponge. how often do you have the opportunity to learn from, be inspired by, and socialize with your peers fellow bloggers? pick everyone’s brain. you’ll be amazed what you can learn.
6. introduce yourself by your name + blog title. [c/o cedar and rush‘s presentation]. be your own biggest advocate.
7. take entirely too many notes.
8. create a plan of action, from said notes. and most importantly, follow through.
9. have a brainstorming session. you’re riding on a wave of motivation. take full advantage & write down every idea that your head can possibly produce.
10. make sure everyone you had the pleasure of meeting knows it was a true pleasure.
11. blogging is a community. support each other.
12. wear flats. the comfiest of heels are no match for an entire day, regardless of the stand-up to sit down ratio.
13. be genuine. make your blog a true reflection of yourself.

and last but not least, attend as many as you possibly can. they are truly beneficial.

[in my opinion, these tips can be slightly modified to fit any professional development event].

happy tuesday!