travels // wknd in kansas city.

I just arrived back home to iowa last night, from attending a blogging conference in kansas city over the weekend. go blog social, to be exact. you’re suppose to leave these things feeling inspired, ready to take over the world, and with a whole slew of new friends. which means I got exactly what I went for.

I met some pretty incredible people. and have a lot of information to share. but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. today it’s all about the photos!

go blog social 2014 //

go blog social 2014 //

go blog social 2014 //

go blog social 2014 //

go blog social 2014 //

lunch at BRGR kitchen + bar.

go blog social 2014 //

go blog social 2014 //

go blog social 2014 //

go blog social 2014 //

a few of the amazing bloggers I had the privilege of spending the wknd with.

go blog social 2014 //

go blog social 2014 //

go blog social 2014 //

the most incredible boutique + bar, the garment district. where we had our social event saturday night.

go blog social 2014 //

see you tomorrow for a bit more of an informative + inspiring look at my weekend.

happy monday.

life // april showers.

april showers //


have you ever felt so overwhelmed by the amount of things you needed to accomplish that when you’d sit down your brain would say “isn’t there something you should be doing right now?”.

that’s me.

full-time job + part-time weekend job + blogging + wedding planning + life. oh, and trying to get 8 hours of sleep.

thankfully I have an amazing fiancé, while I was on a coffee date with some local midwest bloggers this weekend, he was working on our wedding invitations, calling necessary vendors, and checking our guest list twice. he’s a saint.

busy is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. it’s just when you get too busy, you don’t have time to stop + smell the roses. to actually enjoy your life.

[*editor’s note: I am still smelling the roses. or at least waiting for may to bring them].

happy tuesday.


hello april.

travels // go blog social.

I had my heart set on attending go blog social this year. I also had my heart set on starting a new job. with training, and lack of vacation days because I’m saving almost all of them for my wedding ..I didn’t know if I could make it work. long story short ..

I will be at half of go blog social.

I am taking off to kansas city on friday (after work). to meet some of my favorite bloggers. and learn how to make this blog just a wee bit better.

here are a handful items I will absolutely be taking with me ..

go blog social //

1 // fun notebook; a lot of great info will be shared. 2 // colorful pens; just because I can. 3 // business cards; essential for networking with other bloggers.

4 // maxi dress; comfortable + chic for a long day. 5 // large tote; because you only have two hands. 6 // bright nail color; why not?

7 // sandals; you’re going to be on your feet all day. 8 // pocket file; to organize all the business cards you’ll be receiving. 9 // breath mints; no explanation necessary.

if you’re also attending, I want to know! and for those of you who are not, you can count on me to take good notes & photographs.

let this week begin ..

happy monday!