miscellaneous four.

hello all. we have made it to the second friday of 2014. I’d say so far so good, but there is something about the start of a new year that makes me want to achieve more. as soon as possible. I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with tasks and lazy, all at the same time. if that makes sense. on that note, let me share four takeaways from my week.

1 // wedding planning has been consuming my thoughts lately. [J] & I have secured the major details or so I thought. but it appears there are many more facets to this occasion than my brain had even considered. I also can’t believe how far in advance everything must be done, especially if your wedding is in the ever popular fall season. now I make up for lost time, and quick. [side note: I could not be happier to have an involved fiance. he wants to help. and I am gladly accepting it. co-planners].

2 // I have puppy fever. the rational side of me knows this is crazy not the right time [see above]. there is way too much going on in our lives right now to throw a puppy into the mix. but the irrational larger side of me thinks puppies are always a good idea. just maybe, we can give ourselves a wedding gift [ahhem: a sweet little golden retriever].

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3 // organizing. have you ever gathered every random piece of paper & folder from around your house and piled them on your dining room table, only to look at the overwhelming stack and think ..hm, I don’t have time for all that. maybe later. and then later becomes next week. that’s where I am right now. and I need to stop with the later, so today it is. Iheart Organizing has great tips + tricks for tackling the paper piles.

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4 // if I make + stick to one ‘resolution’ this year, I want it to be ..every single night when I go to bed, I want to know I accomplished as much as I possibly could that day. and go to sleep with a clear, satisfied mind. hefty goals much? shoot for the stars.

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I hope your year is off to a roaring start!

have an amazing weekend.

it’s kind of like spring cleaning.

some people loathe greatly dislike new year’s resolutions. and frankly, I can’t blame them. conversations [both verbal + on social media] buzz solely around how we’re going to better ourselves in the new year. gyms become much more crowded. and mcdonald’s becomes much less. don’t fret, people will fall back into their ways next week. but regardless it seems, before the clock strikes midnight every individual will spend at least a moment devising a resolution.

I prefer the word goal over resolution. they’re usually taken a bit more seriously, and have a lower associated rate of failure. you say resolution and people respond “oh honey good luck”. you say goal and people say “you can do it”. apparently my brain was not fooled. last year I wrote goals, in 5 different categories, and kept approximately one in each. it’s better than none.

I, like every year, am diving head first into bettering my life tomorrow in 2014.

I can’t wake up any ol’ day and turn a new leaf. so I tend to rely on momentous occasions, like my birthday ..or a new year.

I’m not boring you with my list of 2014 goals. 

but I will say, if you do one thing today ..set yourself up for success. if your goal is to become healthier, toss out all the cookies + candy and move your work out clothes to a place you can’t avoid in your closet. if you want to become more productive, organize your home or office. and come up with a daily schedule that you can easily follow. if you want to drink more water, treat yourself to a new water bottle that you want to carry with you everywhere. if you want to drink less coffee, this is the wrong blog for advice.

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the kitchen is ready // fully stocked with fresh produce. and I sent [J] to work with 5 boxes of christmas cookies. good riddance.

and today I’ll be working on this ..

to 2014 // LLinaBC.com

no piece of paper is safe. I’m going through them all. organizing and neatly placing them in a new [properly labeled] home.

one more tip: take down your holiday decorations.

think of it as spring cleaning for the new year.

happy last day of 2013.







a little extra push.

lately, I’ve felt a bit stuck in a holding pattern. not quite sure what the next step to take is. and essentially sadly kind of waiting for it to find me. well that doesn’t usually happen. it’s called chasing your dreams, because it’s hard work. you have to build them. make them. live + breathe them. and be crazy brave enough to do it.

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“the time will pass anyway”.


why not spend the time doing something you love?

cheers your morning coffee to chasing your dreams!