only in america.

I hope you’re celebrating america’s freedom today in all the necessary ways: grilled food, parades, outdoor activities, fireworks, and just enjoying this amazing country. wherever you may be.

4th of july //

4th of july //

do not forget to try this: {grown-up pink lemonade} cocktail. THREE ingredients. absolutely delicious. it’ll be a part of my celebratin’.


side note.

last year, [J] & I were living in chicago during this holiday. and I wrote {this blog post}. [no judgments - I’ve come along way since then. especially in photo editing].

and the year before [2011], we were living in new york. and watching the fireworks over the hudson river.

4th of july //

wherever you are ..have the best independence day.

wear every piece of red, white, & blue clothing you own. [or just a swimming suit]. and enjoy yourself.


[J] & I are laying low-ish today. but are heading out of town tomorrow!!

happy fourth of july!


one weekend in new york city.

All “lasts” are bittersweet. and sometimes, well ..just sad.

we just enjoyed our last weekend as residents of NY [& NJ].

A recap of how it was spent …

good friday was gorgeous. so we made dinner outside, on the grill.

nice view of the empire state building in the background :)

saturday morning we had 11AM passes to the World Trade Center Memorial.

it was beautiful.

then we walked the brooklyn bridge ..

and what felt like all of brooklyn, until we found our dinner spot ..

the meatball shop [yum-o].

meatballs & jello shots. perrrfect end to a long day :)

easter morning isn’t complete without brunch + mimosas + chocolate bunnies :)

I made the pioneer woman’s biscuits & gravy. or trrrried.

it was 1.5 thumbs up!

we then proceeded to have breakfast for dinner. [J] made heath bar pancakes!

+ another round of mimosas :)

and went for our last sunday stroll on the boardwalk.

the empire state building was disguised as an easter egg.

five more days.

[see [J]’s take on our last weekend  here]