not a fashion blogger.

not a fashion blogger //

because when temperatures are floating around 0°, I cannot keep a poker face.

all my face says is “get me out of here”.

not a fashion blogger //

not a fashion blogger //

not a fashion blogger //


cold-weather fashion bloggers you’re rock stars. I have no idea how you do it.

not a fashion blogger //

sheer sweater similar // pink rain boots // white satchel similar  // tassel necklace similar // chocolate down coat.


now that I’m freezing just looking at those photographs, remembering how cold it was outside ..we need to grab a cup of coffee. and I’ll introduce you to a fellow blogger you should know.

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morning or night: morning. breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and nothing is better than a big cup of coffee. plus, when you wake up, you still have the whole day ahead of you!
perfect sunday: I love lazy sundays. my ideal sunday is just laying on the couch watching movies with my fiance all day and then cooking a nice dinner.
I wish I knew how to: speak another language fluently.
favorite way to unwind at the end of the day: drinking a “sleepy time” tea while catching up on episodes of our favorite shows that we missed.
ashley is getting married at the end of june, & she’s been my motivation extra push to get fit for my own wedding.
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the joys of travel: packing.

on the agenda: it’s our last day in denver, CO. tomorrow [J]’s family is flying in ..& we’re road tripping up to the mountains for the weekend.

day 12 #LLontheBIGroad //

one of my favorite bloggers people, megan of {the thread afffect} is getting down & dirty, talking the dark side of travel: packing. [ughh, it’s the worst. I always forget something]. someone had to do it, & I’m glad it was her! she’s an expert traveler. which by default makes her an expert packer.


Hey everyone! My name is Megan Welsh and I blog over at The Thread Affect. I’m so excited that Chelsea invited me to guest post for her while she is gone, but I would be completely lying if I said I wasn’t EXTREMELY jealous of her 16 day vacay! Seriously though.

If I’m being honest though…I guess I can’t complain too much since in May I just got back from an eight month trip to thirteen different countries with my hubby. Since I have lots of experience packing for extended trips in multiple climates and weekends on the road, Chelsea asked me to share a few of my packing tips for a weekend trip so here we go!

Choose a color scheme. I generally try to stick to either black or brown with additional fun, pops of color that coordinate. For this trip my neutral basics included: two denim (one dressy, one casual) and one black pair of shorts for bottoms and white and gray v-neck t-shirts on top (faves here) (due to the 100+ degree weather I didn’t pack any pants even though I usually do 99% of the time). I stuck to mostly bright pink, yellow, and turquoise to spice up my neutrals in the form of cardigans, tank tops, and jewelry.

Remember any special occasion pieces: swimwear, wedding attire, neutral jacket, etc. Due to the weather and my weekend plans, I needed to include a swimsuit, coverup, fedora, and a wedding appropriate dress with coordinating shoes and clutch. The key to these special occasion pieces is to choose items that can easily go from day-to-night and are multifunctional: my paisley swimsuit cover up (love this flamingo one) can be worn as a casual dress, the fedora can be added to create a laid-back feel to any outfit, the clutch can store my jewelry, and the yellow dress for the wedding could be worn with flat sandals and a cardigan for running errands or brunch.

Choose your accessories and footwear wisely. A statement necklace, cocktail ring, earrings, bracelet, scarf, or hat can seriously transform your basics making it appear that you packed way more than you actually did without taking up your valuable packing space. Pair your basic white tee with a scarf, jean shorts, colorful sandals, and boyfriend watch to create a casual look or layer on a turquoise statement necklace with black shorts, wedges, and an armful of bangles to create a look perfect for drinks or dinner. As for footwear, in the summer I include two pairs of sandals and a neutral wedge and for fall/winter usually a flat, knee-high boot, pair of flats, and black or nude heels, remembering to always pack comfortable, walkable shoes that compliment the clothing packed.

Pack it all up. After choosing my clothing, accessories, and shoes, I roll the clothes and pile together by type (shorts, tees, dresses, etc), store the accessories inside a clutch, and begin the puzzle of packing. Make sure to start with your footwear in the bottom of your bag (heels pointed in) followed by rolled clothing, clutch of jewelry, and bathroom essentials.

Travel Tips Summed Up:

  • Stick to a color scheme with coordinating fun colors (i.e white with blue or navy with pinks)
  • Choose basic, lightweight, multifunctional staples that make you feel confident and can easily transition from day-to-night
  • Choose neutral shoes you can walk in comfortably
  • Alter outfits with easy-to-pack statement jewelry
  • Textured and printed pieces hide wrinkles making it less necessary to get out the iron
  • Roll clothing to minimize wrinkling
  • Stuff socks, belts, jewelry inside footwear to save space
  • Start with footwear followed by tightly rolled clothes, folded items, sweaters/jackets, and finally crushable items
  • My travel staples: white tee, sunnies, loose go everywhere dress, wedges, flat sandals, button up, colorful accessories, and denim

I would love to hear: What are your travel essentials and packing tips?!

Thanks so much to Chelsea for sharing her corner of the Internet world with me today and thanks to all her readers! If you are interested, I would LOVE to have you stop on by and follow along!

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Have a great day! :) xo, Megan


thank you megan.

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on the agenda: enjoying denver. and that is all.

day 11 #LLontheBIGroad //

I am happy to have jewel of {the style optimist} here. she’s talking one of my favorite colors, to say: chartreuse. [what a great word, right?].

after a look at this pretty & bold dress, I may even dare to wear this usually shied-away from color.


Hey beautiful peeps! I’m Jewel and I blog over at the style optimist. While Chelsea is on vacay, I thought I’d stop by and hang out. If you’ve peeked at my blog, you probably could tell that I live in colors, well not literally but you get the idea. I didn’t always have a colorful wardrobe,but I definitely don’t shy away from colors.

the style optimist //

the style optimist //

the style optimist //

the style optimist //

Do you ever have one of those colors you don’t wear much or think that it won’t look good on you?  Yellow/Chartreuse was that color for me. I never thought it looked good on my skintone, until I purchased this dress earlier this year and it quickly changed my mind about yellow/citrine color. For this outfit, I paired this dress with a burnt orange bag. I love the color contrast of the chartreuse and the burnt orange.  As you can see, I kept my heels and accessories on neutral territory as to avoid looking like like a bag of skittles. oh ps. Here are a few of my favorite Orange and Yellow looks. Here & Here

So tell me, do you dabble in color like me or are there certain colors you shy away from?




how absolutely beautiful is she & the dress?

I’d never guess orange + chartreuse. but I love it. maybe I’ll take a trip to the mall today?

[thank you jewel].

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