life // holiday weekend mishap.

life // holiday weekend mishap c/o

I had a “you’ve got to be kidding me” moment this morning.

I had a leisurely morning planned. I’d get up at 6:30, get the coffee brewing. take my time getting to the gym. get in a good workout. and get ready for work. all was going according to plan until I received a sweet snapchat from my friend, it said “it’s tuesday – YAY!”. and I thought “oh shhhhhoot”.

see.. I go into work at different times throughout the week. for example, I go in at 10AM on Monday’s and 9AM on Tuesday’s.

well, I received this snapchat at 8:15AM while fresh out of the shower, rocking wet hair & a robe. thinking uh oh, if it’s not monday I don’t go to work at 10AM. I go in at 9AM!!

I was completely thrown off by our extended weekend. I got ready in 15 minutes and made it to work at 9:01AM.

I am now back on track. and could not be happier it is tuesday.

has a holiday weekend ever thrown you off that much? should I invest in a larger wall calendar?

happy TUESDAY, my friends.

I hope all of you had an amazing memorial day weekend. [I will be sharing mine tomorrow].

thank you to all those men & women who have & do fight for our freedom. your sacrifices are not small, and are greatly appreciated.

happy memorial day.

I hope your day is spent …

  • off work.
  • with great weather.
  • around the grill. [making kate’s burgers from the small things blog]
  • drinking a cocktail, lemonade, or iced tea. [like iowa girl eats: strawberry lemonade spritzer]
  • surrounded in the colors: red, white, + blue.
  • eating mucho ..outside, of course. [like birds nest 101’s italian pasta salad] or …like this:




and last but definitely not least:

remembering why we’re celebrating this day in the first place.


for those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom. and for those who made + are making the ultimate sacrifice to fight for us/our country/our freedom.

{source: two coins photography.}

thank you.