monday motivations.

monday motivations //

I apologize for today’s radio silence. I’ve been swamped, playing catch-up after all of yesterday’s fun. so many fun & exciting projects in the works, and on the horizon.

quick mention: the go blog social early bird ticket price has been extended, until february 15th. attending conferences, like this, are so beneficial. you meet so many people. learn so much. and go home ready to take on the world. I’d love to know if you plan on attending.

happy monday!

october date. [two days late].

[*update: I have since re-created this date! the photographs are easier on the eyes + the instruction is much better. see it here].

as I’ve mentioned, possibly 500+ times, [J] & I are alternating planning a date each month.

august I took him for {italian & a stroll through the city}. september he took me to a {pumpkin patch}. and october I DROPPED THE BALL. then proceeded to beg & plead for a slight extension. and then really felt the pressure to perform plan an amazing, unforgettable date.

so I did.

on friday, november 2nd ..two days after my “date month” passed us by ..I planned a great, worth the wait, scavenger hunt-esque date.

I gathered six envelopes. & created five clues.

the clues took us from our front door, to the front doors of our favorite restaurants in the surrounding area, plus one we’ve been dying to try. at each place I kindly directed him what to order.

he read the first prompt, which directed him to the car – where he found his FIRST clue.

that read …

which is definitely an inside joke from our college days, but it did the trick. and directed him straight to ..

where he ordered as told :)

then came his second clue

I had him fooled, for a split second, with this clue. but he caught on. and we arrived…

after our cocktail [& some megatouch] ..he got his third clue ..

which lead us to ..

and he ordered as told. [“ocean water UP” is key for “dirty martini”. I think it tastes like salt water. you get the idea].

he is thoroughly enjoying himself by this point. and I am just excited. SO excited I want to give him all the clues at once. hahaha – I didn’t. the fourth clue ..

this led him to the place we’ve never ventured to before, but had been wanting to try.

the onion pub & brewery. [the atmosphere was great, the micro-brews were scrumptious, & we can’t wait for our return trip].

then came the fifth & final clue ..

[he didn’t want it to end].

which led him to this ..

[I set everything up on the tray before we left. and hid it in the closet. when we got back to the house, I made him wait in the car while I lit the candles, grabbed the cake & the wine out of the fridge and put them into place].

the end.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty proud of what my brain thought up. [J] loveeeeed it. and I was just so happy that he was! it had NOTHING to do with the fact we were drinking & eating our favorites ALL IN ONE NIGHT [bahahaha, ok maybe a little].

I would recommend this to anyone. we both had the best time.

I consider myself REDEEMED.

happy monday.