to unplanned adventures.

the best adventures are the unexpected ones.

and somewhere in the midst of notre dame being destroyed by alabama on monday night, [J]’s brother invited us to join his family on a tour of the {Jelly Belly} factory. the next day in less than 10 hours. and [just so you know] when I’m drinking everything is a good idea. so even with very little sleep & possibly too much drinking ..I woke up excited for our trip!

travel essentialstravel essentials.

take the tour

the main Jelly Belly factory is in Fairfield, CA. but luckily for us, they have a distribution center [with tours ..& free jelly beans] just north of the wisconsin border.

we're ready for the tour

after the tour, we got a bag of complimentarythank youbeans.


& went shopping for our favorites ..

his favorite[J]’s favorite: juicy pear.

my favoritemy favorite: the sours!

us being wildand for good measure ..some snapple mix.

like a kid in a candy storehe was like a kid in a candy store.

just nastyjust WHY??

our shopping basket$17 poorer. a lot of jelly bellies richer.

sorrrrrywe’re really sorry [J]’s dad, but we couldn’t resist. he asked us to bring him a variety. we put together a scrumptious fruity blend. but had to add a little flavor spice with their newest flavor: tabasco. only one, we’re not that mean.

happy birthday to me!did I mention the Jelly Belly factory is conveniently located near an outlet mall? well, it is ..& it was clearly my almost half birthday. thank you [J]. she’s a beauty!

now go enjoy some unplanned fun!

happy wednesday all.



I am not ready to come to terms with the changing of months.

it’s november.


don’t get me wrong. I love november. it’s the real start to the “holiday season“. but I haven’t shared my halloween costume. AND …I haven’t planned my monthly [october] date for [J] yet. [way to go chels, droppin’ the ball]. so I had to ask beg for an extension. which means this date better be GREAT and worth the wait. [the presssssure!!!!]. he did such an amazing job planning our {september date} … ugh. what to do?

while I’m brainstorming – let me share my halloween costume!

it was the most last minute costume I’ve ever concocted, but I think it turned out great. thanks to [J]’s help! I grabbed my trusty, amazing {faux glasses}. and slowly but surely became harry potter.

casting spells all night long.

gryffindor patch courtesy of [J] is the red tie [that he had to tie for me].

he also drew my forehead lightening bolt.

testing my “pumpkin into a carriage” spell .. :)

I’ll cast a spell on you …

then I knocked on the door. said “trick or treat, give me something good to eat …please!” this handsome man answered & gave me a full-size snickers. SCORE!!

hope you all had an amazing halloween. filled with lots of goodies.

now …

welcome november.

[and back to brainstorming a fabulous date].

the week in photos.

happy one day left in JUNE.

[reminder: on sunday, the month of july will begin].

is it just me or is this summer flying by?

[I think it is now safe to say: it’s not just when you’re in school, living the dream during ‘summer vacay’ that it flies by …it happens when you’re “old” too].


today is the week in illustrations.

WELL, unfortunately I took a total of two photographs the entire week. [they’re not even magnificent good]. I was busy getting back into the groove after my week in Iowa. but here we go:

[J] enjoyed a nice lunch outside …in the shade.

[those fries said “perfect size for two“.. we decided they were the perfect size for two … armies].

we also went to our “HOME” [aka the storage unit with all of our belongings] and I found my harry potter/where’s waldo glasses. they are a prized possession. [J] was ecstatic to see them again. [not].


here is a photo [J] took while we were in Iowa, that he decided to share with me today..

well everyone:

whether your weekend plans involve …


enjoy yourself.

have a goodbye june/hello july fiesta.

I will see you on monday.