life // daily routines.

change isn’t always a bad thing. occasionally it can help you learn a bit about yourself.

something old // something new // something undiscovered.

• old: I thrive on being busy.

• new: I love early mornings.

• undiscovered: where I’m going to fit a workout into my daily routine.

I just entered my 4th week at my full-time position. but what you may not have known, I also have a part-time job [saturday’s + sunday’s] as a waitress. [it’s become a “money for the wedding” job]. in addition, to time spent blogging. not to mention, there is apparently a wedding I should be ‘actively’ planning? and a gym I should be visiting for said-wedding. all the while getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep. lofty goals much?

I am still working out the kinks in my new routine. please bare with me.

I intend to be successfully juggling it all very shortly.

as for the workout portion of my routine, I’m thinking that’ll be the newest addition to my mornings.

[*editor’s note: I think I can, I think I can].

daily routines //

my motto should be: don’t get overwhelmed; get iced coffee and do more.

happy tuesday.

I’m a “health conscious” work in progress.

as I mentioned on friday, [J] & I are working very hard to be more health conscious.

I know the difference between HEALTHY & UNHEALTHY choices, but I also know how great a juicy cheeseburger & fries can taste. I know the benefits of working out, but I also know the joy a nap brings to me. see my dilemma?

well, it was time for a change. and I found the most amazing tool to get [J] & I on the right track and in the right mindset. I’m a visual person, so the second I saw this ..I KNEW it would work.

meet the Six Sisters’ Stuff: 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge.

everything is beautifully laid out. all we had to do was print two copies. [J] got us binders. and we were on our way …[& reallllly excited].

each week we have two forms to fill out.

the point challenge.

you get points each day for doing good things, such as: drinking 64 oz of water, not eating after 9PM, 3 veggie servings, 2 fruit servings, keeping a food journal, working out, avoiding sweets, & being in contact with a teammate [which is easy, since I live with mine].


the food journal.

I’ve only heard great things about keeping a food journal. but every time I attempted to start one it fell apart, quickly. the way the six sisters’ stuff laid out the food journal – fool proof. I’m a week into the challenge and haven’t missed recording a single meal. I’ve found it’s the best way to keep myself accountable ..I don’t want to see a single french fry or piece of candy on that sheet! ok, maybe just one.

you weigh in once a week, on sundays. last night [J] & I relecutantly hopped on the scale. we’ve been working so hard to be successful. we’ve worked out 6 days. had zero sweets. drank borderline too much water. & ate healthy meals. so we HOPED to see results, drumroll please …





and I lost SIX!

I know each week will be harder than the one before, but we are very ready & willing to make the necessary changes & commitments to living much, much healthier lifestyles. [with the bonus of getting those “great bods“].

at the end of the 8 weeks [on december 2nd], I’ll share my total weight loss.

jump on the bandwagon! [weigh in on sunday & begin the challenge on monday]. I’m only a week in, still optimistic, & fresh off a 6lb weight loss, BUT – if you’ve been wanting to lose weight/get healthier… this is the best tool.

ask me in two weeks how I feel about the challenge ;)

have a grrrrreat monday.