health // essentials for a goodnight.

I mentioned in my spring goals recently that I want 7.5 hours of sleep each night. and I can honestly report back + say, since march 20th I’ve only missed that one night.

but it’s never as easy as just “going to bed”. there must be a routine.

firstly, I have a jawbone UP fitness band, that I wear daily, mostly because of the sleep tracker. it measures my total sleep each night, including deep + light sleep. as well as how long it took me to fall asleep, and if I woke up at all during the night. it can even wake me up in the morning.

everything I do to “get ready for bed” is either to help me fall asleep faster or to help me wake up refreshed.

essentials for a goodnight //

sleepytime tea.
aromatherapy pillow mist.
• clean face [wash + moisturize] + teeth.
• check your alarm twice, for peace of mind. [there’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, thinking “did I set my alarm?”].
• get 7+ hours. you’re going to go to sleep feeling good about the next day & wake up well rested.

• and if you have time before bed, read a book. it’s truly the best way to unwind.

one last thing: try to wake up at the same time every single day [except the weekends, I just can’t]. my alarm clock is set for 6:33AM every day. even though during the week, my in-times at work fluctuate between 8AM and 10AM.

happy hump day!

P.S. last night I got 8h 4m of sleep. and I’m feeling pretty good about today.

currently ..

a couple things that make me happy.


the daily tayTaylor from {TheDailyTay}.

she wrote a post [yesterday] that spoke to me: {I’m 25 During a Recession}. see the correlation? she’s unfortunately going through a similar situation, but she’s hysterical. “I occasionally look around my house and wonder how much money I could get for certain things at a pawn shop”. true.


TJ's wine selectiontrader joe’s wine selection.

how can this not make you happy? you can get a bottle of wine for $2.99. I have that much change hidden in the couch cushions. definitely worth calling the search team.


pretty little liarspretty little liars.

hello guilty pleasure. they give me something to look forward to during my week. tuesday. 7PM. now all they need to do is tell me who killed allison & who is on the “A” team. please.

three book pagethe three books I’m reading.

{Blog Inc.}/{The End of Your Life Book Club}/{The Happiness Project}

there is truly nothing better than escaping from the ‘real world,’ & into a book. and I have a couple good reads on my hands right now.



oh dear [J], what the eff would I do without you? you’re the bees to my knees. actually, you’re a lot more than that. you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. thank you. just being next to you makes me happier.


our shopping basketthe jelly beans from our Jelly Belly tour.

they’re on my nightstand. and until they’re gone ..they’ll continue to make me happy. [except for the licorice flavored ones. I only eat those by accident].

now I must take [J] to the airport. he’s gone on business ’til monday. no one feel sorry for him ..he’ll be in 80° temps, surrounded by water, probably with a mai tai permanently in hand. feel sorry for me, I’m staying home.

happy hump day friends.


colorado. [part 1].

[part 1].

our time in the mountains. {copper mountain} to be exact.

9 family members [3 snowboarders + 6 skiers]. one whole day. 16º temperatures. and a whole lot of snow.

the day’s progression ..

copper mntlove at first sight. ahhhh!

to the mnt we goski liftthere’s no turning back now .. [me, [J], cole (my brother), & anna (his GF)].

jeff on snowboardit was snowing, mucho.

cole & annaschnapps drink upshortly after this picture, a fellow snowboarder decided steering was not his strong suit. and crashed right into [J] ..or worse, right into his left knee. he “troopered” down the remainder of the mountain, but had to be put on the temporarily disabled list [for the rest of the day]. thankfully, we had gotten 8 or 9 grrrreat runs in before this incident. and no one was disappointed to head into the lodge to warm up, & grab cocktails!

bloody marythere were zero seats available [of course] ..& I had little to no feeling in my feet, so I just plopped on the ground to enjoy my ultra spicy bloody mary. I don’t know if it was the bartender’s skill or my need for spicy [or hot] ..but it was my best bloody mary to date.

CHEERSthe entire group.

[anna, my dad, [J], brother, aunt sheri, uncle gary ..& the two little munchkins cousins: paige & colin].

we had a round of fireball shots. they warm you up from the inside out.

then the group headed back out for one last run. except [J], anna, the cousins, & I ..

we stayed in the lodge. for a second round of cocktails & hot cocoa.

round two double fistit was a great day, had by all. the only [two] things that could’ve made it better ..warmer weather + [J] avoiding injury. but regardless, we loved being on the mountain together. so we are making it a goal to get back out to colorado in the spring ..for more mountain time. spring skiing is generally more enjoyable ..[higher temps, more snow].

[part 2] comin’ on monday.

happy hump day wednesday.