the two best cures.

the two best cures //

I want to jump up & down: friday is here.

I recruited [J] to make chocolate chip pancakes tomorrow for breakfast. after I sleep in, make a large cup of coffee, and then spend the majority of my day in pajamas. it just sounds nice.

do you have any fun weekend plans?

maybe a bit more ambitious than mine.

regardless, I hope it is great.

see you on monday!

miscellaneous four.

happy flippin’ friday. it’s here. and came awfully quickly.

my highlights of the week.

1 // I thought I pinned a lot of wedding-related pins before I was engaged. now that I’m actually planning a wedding, it is out of control. last night I spent hours drinking wine + planning my wedding via photos on the internet. #LLinaBCGetsHitched on pinterest. now I need to organize it into smaller categories. but I’ll save that for the next snowy day.

miscellaneous four. //


2 // inspirational quote of the week.

miscellaneous four //


3 // when [J] & I made the decision to move from the chicagoland to des moines, IA ..we were frequently asked “why”. now we can say because it’s “America’s Wealthiest City” according to the Today Show. which means it has to be true. [I start every day with matt, al, savannah, & natalie. and want hoda & KLG’s job].

des moines, where regular folks can live the rich life.

4 // go to bridal shows. they’re overwhelming & remind you just how big a task planning a wedding is. but it’s a one-stop shop for vendors. and you can win great items! [J] & I won a one-hour swedish massage, which will absolutely come in handy. and we won an iPod shuffle from a local printing company we plan to use! when I went to pick it up, they took my photo for their FB page ..

miscellaneous four //

[just a bit frazzled looking; it was early & I had just spent the previous two hours shopping for bridesmaid dresses].

have the best weekend.

see you monday.

live like you’re dying.

for {blog every day in may}, day 16 is ..

“something difficult about your ‘lot in life’ and how you’re working to overcome it”.

I had every intention of digging deep & writing about my challenges & set backs in life. but I’m taking my own advice {see earlier post}, and looking on the bright side .. [bare with me ..]

I went to a funeral today. of a 46 year old husband. and father of 3 girls. [a 17, 14, & 11 year old].

he is my mom’s first cousin. there are 28 of them total. he was the youngest, and the first to pass away ..

he died unexpectedly.

it is undeniable this man made his mark on the world.

he was so humble. yet so accomplished.

not only in his career [which is extremely impressive in itself], but in the girls he coached ..who wore their soccer & basketball jerseys to the funeral.

to the priest, that was clearly so touched by his life, he was in tears just speaking of him.

to his extended family that read his obituary and were astounded by his accomplishments. “he was just scott”. a man who loved his family, but never boosted.

this same man lost his father at the age of two. and learned very early, life is precious.

principal riverwalk. des moines, IA // ZTS photo


he was the man behind the principal river walk & pedestrian bridge in des moines, IA. so beautiful.

[see above].

the priest said something during the funeral that resonated with me ..

many people get to the end of their life, look back, and wish they would’ve done more. although this man’s life was cut entirely too short, he lived his fully. it’s quite incredible. and the way it should be.

the way I want to look back on mine.

none of us know which day will be our last. and I am almost certain, we all want to look back on a fulfilled life, with no regrets or wishes.

the source of my inspiration is sad, but the lesson is beautiful.

we all go through hard times & have struggles. but we have one chance, to give it all we’ve got. make time for what makes you happy, what you’re passionate about. because that is what matters in the end.

live like you’re dying.