the week in photos.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday.

I hope you all had a frreakin’ fantastic week. can’t complain about mine. let’s reminisce…

I concocted two Iowa Girl Eats-inspired items.

moscow mules: so refreshing & oh so dangerously delicious. they’re right there near the top of [J] & I’s favorite list. {recipe here}

I was craving at-home mexican food. but I was starving. so I needed quick, easy, & scrumptious ..and thankfully Iowa Girl Eats had exactly what I needed. {taco pasta bake}. [J] told me I can put it on the “go to” list. I didn’t know we had a list, but now that I do’s on it!

the chef I raved about in my “dinner in the tree house” post ..made another spectacular dinner. of ribs. on the grill.


did I mention [J] & I are hosting our own charity event? [if you’re in the chicagoland area ..come!!! it’s guaranteed to be a grreat time]. we’ve been planning for months and to our surprise ..the day is almost upon us. {for details: toast to a cure}

we went on our final walk-through …

these are the bocce courts. we also have bowling lanes. a fire pit. italian/american feast. silent auction. plus open bar. [the venue: pinstripes. in south barrington].

let’s just say I was already excited for the event. AND THEN ..I got to play with mason jars & chalkboard paint. two things I’ve been dying to explore. thankfully the event is rustic, outdoor-sy, & fall. [aka perfect for mason jar centerpieces & a couple spray-painted chalkboards].

a one gallon mason jar.

chalkboard paint. [can’t wait to share the finished product].


have the best weekend everyone.

go hawkeye football!