I’m not in college anymore.

in other words – this weekend kicked my butt.

I slept twelve hours last night – & feel like I could sleep twelve more AND STILL not be recovered. my voice has the rasp of a man’s. & my eyes are so puffy [aka: deprived of water], I can barely see out of them. true.

but it was worth it – I had the best time. we spent thursday & most of friday in my hometown, visiting family.

[grandma trying out my new kicks].
[we all ate lunch at carlos o’ kellys – home of my brother & I’s high school jobs].

and friday evening, we were off to Iowa City.. land of the hawkeyes. we celebrated our friend’s birthday with hibatchi & dancing at the towniest of towny bars [& loved it].

[the birthday girl].
[delicious sushi. & of course, sake bombs!!].

then came very little rest. and our tailgate marathon. the game started @ 7PM, we arrived to PARTY @ 10AM ..so yes – a marathon, to say the least. jello shots, rumchata, & beeeers, OH MY!

[back in our element – Iowa City, IA].
[ANF: america needs farmers].
[jello shots].

it’s a miracle we made it to the game, standing. we had great seats [thank you parents]. and regardless of the hawkeyes terribly poor performance ..we had the best time!

[the black & gold game].
[post-game. can you tell? at Old Chicago].

sunday morning we met my grandparents in my favorite little iowa town – the amana colonies. we ate. we shopped. we wine tasted. and we drank every micro-brew the town had to offer.

[how CUTE & FESTIVE was the dessert lady at the Ox Yoke Inn?].
[the family].
[who wouldn’t want a giant pink elephant in their yard?].
[Millstream Brewery].
[drinks with the family, on the patio].

then [J] & I made our long trip back to chicagoland. and I went straight to bed.

[visit two coins photography for more of the weekend’s photos].

until tomorrow friends… :)

the week in photos.


that’s how excited I am to be in my hometown today, with my FAMILY.

and now, only mere hours away from being in iowa city. the hometown of my college days. for the iowa vs penn state football game. plus a whole lot of tailgating!

I’ll be snapping hundreds of photos. look for those on monday. in the meantime ..

the week in photos.

[J] & I made a beef stir-fry, jam-packed with veggies, atop quinoa. with a side of green beans. so scrumptious.

I got a new air freshener for my car. & I’m in love. [it’s the little things in life friends]. meet the febreze car air freshener vent clip [thai dragon fruit].

I painted my nails with my all-time favorite polish – OPI’s my private jet. it has the power to improve my mood.

have a grrrrrrreat weekend!!

[wknd recap on monday. if I survive!!]