wedding // couple customization.

a major part of wedding planning these days is customization. not only do you have to make a never-ending amount of decision, but you also have to decide where + how to customize your wedding.

how will it scream YOU as a couple. and where will it scream it. the cake? the decor? the invitations?

I know what makes [J] & I “us”, but when it came to turning the “us” into wedding decor ..I was stumped.

so I created a mood couple’s board.

filled with all of things that make us who we are, as a couple. and what our closest friends + family would associate with us. it has & will serve as a guide to help me make customized wedding decisions.

wedding // couple customization c/o

what is the best item you’ve seen customized at a wedding? where is customization essential?

I can’t wait to see how this our wedding comes together. and all I have to say is, I hope the Dominican Republic has iced coffee.

happy wednesday.

send wedding help.

[J] & I did a happy dance this weekend  – our Iowa wedding reception has a home!

we can now put the finishing touches on our invitations & hand them over to the postman.

but along with this new space comes more decisions to be made. how are we going to decorate it? who will cater it? what food will we serve? what traditional reception activities must we do ..bouquet toss? wedding party intro? should we hire a photographer? what dessert will we serve? how are we going to incorporate our destination wedding into our Iowa reception? I could go on for days. so while there are many decisions to be made & stress to be felt ..I am beyond excited. some genius part of my brain keeps reminding me to enjoy this time planning the wedding of our dreams. it’s going by so quickly.

I want all of you to come along with me throughout the process. and I need your help + input. for the above & below questions.

send wedding help //

for our Iowa reception: cupcakes or a traditional wedding cake?

send wedding help //

for our Iowa reception: simple or extravagant table centerpieces?

send wedding help //

I cannot get over this. and believe I could somehow re-create this for our venue. what do you think? DIY ceiling bouquet.

send wedding help //

and for our beach ceremony: rock TOMS or go barefoot?

8 months 14 days til ‘I do’.

happy tuesday!

the week in photos.

hello friday.

I am happy to see the weekend upon us, but I can’t complain much about how the week went. it was a great week.

it all began with a trip to [my home state] iowa. for a good friend’s wedding. [we worked together in college, so I was reunited with people I haven’t seen in years.]

say hello to the beautiful bride & groom [+ our good friend/old boss, lindsay].

the wedding was purple + silver. and the reception was gorgeous. our group of friends were at table 1, aka the table nearest the bar. holler to the bride for the best seat in the house. [kind of a joke.]

we tore up the dance floor.

[the couple on the left: it’s their wedding next. cannot wait!]

on our way back to illinois, we stumbled upon antique archaeology. ya know, the home of history channel’s american pickers? I knew they were from iowa, but I didn’t know where exactly. well, we were in search of a gas station we got off the highway and stopped at our first option. I looked up and BAM: antique archaeology. what a pleasant surprise :)

like I said on instagram: “there are few things better than retrieving your loved one at the airport. even if its only been a weekend.”

[J] & I took the train into the city. [which resorts to random photos].

on wednesday night, we made drinks [pomegranate vodka + white peach sparkling water] in red solo cups, sat outside, and watched the storm roll in.

if that is not the epitome of a country song, I don’t know what is?

[‘the thunder rolls‘ garth brooks + ‘red solo cup‘ toby keith].

noodles & company had pop-up picnics scattered around the country yesterday. they were handing out their new summer salads. [J] & I found the nearest one to us, and we were off. he got: spinach & fresh fruit. [I usually don’t go for salads with sweet + savory toppings, but my oh my that salad is scrumptious. topped with: strawberries, blue cheese, bacon, balsamic]. I had: chili-lime & ginger. [equally as delicious]. they have one more out: the backyard bbq chicken salad, which we didn’t get to try. BUT they gave us two free salad coupons for our next visit. speaking of, I’m kind of hungry now …

[J] & I had a mini celebration last night. accompanied by bbq & cocktails [from famous daves]. what were we celebrating? visit on monday, I’ll divulge then!


have an amazing weekend.

give the people around you a big hug. and for those far & dear send them an “I love you“. every moment of every single day & every person we get to share this life with are so precious. & meant to be cherished.

[a couple of the recent tragedies have hit really close to home for me. the two missing little girls from right outside my hometown. and the theater shooting right down the street from my brother’s house. in my thoughts & prayers].