the love hunt: vol. 1

we [as in the blog + I] are shifting our focus a bit. emphasizing more on celebrations. both big + small. for holidays. and even those just because. more on that to come later. in the meantime, I want to share with you ..

the best date idea.

it may come at an appropriate time of year, with valentine’s day around the corner, but I’m a firm believer in the unexpected. if you plan a date on valentine’s day, it’s you + the rest of america. if you do it on a random day, the surprise will not be expected, therefore that much sweeter.

this date is so much fun, for many reasons. it incorporates you + your significant others favorite places & a scavenger hunt of sorts. instead of all at once, we’re taking this step by step. if you follow along, you’ll be ready for a great date in no time. we’re calling this ..

the love hunt.

as you can imagine, when there is a scavenger hunt involved, a lot of planning takes place behind the scenes. don’t look at it like that. it can be a tad overwhelming. think of it this way ..a day filled with your favorite places for food + cocktails + fun. grab a map [aka: google] and put on your creative hat. we’re planning a scavenger hunt turned best date ever!

you’re going to need some a lot of scratch paper. jot down your favorite places + your favorite things to order/do there. the goal is to eat, drink, and do something fun. and if, at all, possible have it make geographical sense!

the love hunt [aka: the best date ever] c/o

I decided to focus my efforts on our favorite places downtown des moines, IA. I, even, included a few we had not yet tried, but had been wanting to. my list looked like this:

el bait shop. a craft beer lover’s dream, therefore my husband’s. why not start there? with a beer.

hessen haus. I knew we’d be hungry by this time, so we’d go to our favorite german bar for a scrumptious appetizer. this is only the beginning.

malo. a latin american restaurant, and the perfect place to get another appetizer + an order of tacos.

django. my husband is a big dirty martini fan. I couldn’t plan a custom date for him, without making a dirty martini stop.

up down. this an arcade bar. we’d never been, but spoke of going many times. think your grandparent’s basement filled with every game you can imagine + beer.

get to work on your list of places to eat, drink, and have fun.

meet me back here tomorrow, we’re writing + planning the clues.

5 reasons I won’t do the bachelor.

believe it or not, I have never watched the bachelor. I may have seen 5 minutes of an episode the very first season. but c’mon, does that count? no. unfortunately, I feel it is my duty, as a born + raised iowan, to watch chris soules. he’s from a tiny iowa town, one hour away from the one I grew up in. [*it’s important to note, my iowa town is way bigger. we’re talking almost 70,000 people bigger]. and by watching one full episode, I was inspired to write ..

5 reasons I won't do the bachelor c/o

5 reasons I won’t do the bachelor.

[besides the fact that I’m married].

and by “do,” I mean the show. not the man, for those of you with your mind’s in the gutter.

1. oh, the limo introductions. 99.8% of them make me cringe. like crawl under the covers + hide. so awkward. and I would totally be within that category of awkward intro’s.

2. I’d be the token drunk girl on the first night. 30 girls in 1 hour, fighting for 1 man’s attention. given mere hours [or an hour, does anyone really know?] to make a strong impression + earn a rose. it could just be me, but uncomfortable situations tend to increase my alcohol intake. this situation would top that list.

3. the same reason I was never in a sorority, I could not live with that many girls in one house. I don’t know that for sure, because I never tried. but I could imagine it’d be a struggle .. #CloggedDrains.

4. who likes sloppy seconds thirds fourths fifths sixths? and so on.

5. moving to a farm in iowa. hell no! as previously, mentioned I am an iowan. I had a short stint spent living away, but I came back because I truly love it here. I support + appreciate iowa’s farmers; they truly do feed the world. but if my husband, who I love more than any of those girls will love the bachelor anything in the world, told me we were moving to a 6,000 acre farm with the nearest town having a total population of 400 ..I would say “no thanks!!”. prince farming may be easy on the eyes, but the miles of nothing but corn + soybean fields aren’t, for long. best of luck to the ladies of hollywood, chicago + D.C.’re in for a rude awakening.

who is watching the bachelor tonight?

if you do, let’s talk about it @LLinaBC.

das boot in des moines.

whenever the husband + I have out-of-town guests, or we’re thirsty, we find ourselves at the hessen haus. it is downtown des moines. and it’s a gem!

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o

I may be the type of person that labels a place “a gem” based solely on the fact they sell german beer by the liter. or the boot, if you’d prefer. but there’s so much more to this place.

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o

if you’re looking for a neat atmosphere ..this place is housed in an old train station, decked out fully as a german bier hall. tell your friends, it’s cultural. then have a liter of franziskaner [my favorite] or a german beer of your choosing, that’s cultural too. believe me, they have a lot of options.

if you’re looking for authentic german food ..look no further. if you’re not ..look no further. I can almost guarantee there is something for everyone here. can you say armadillo eggs? I cannot get enough of these bacon-wrapped chicken tenders, filled with jalapenos + cheese.

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o

want to have some fun? just wait for a train to go by on the tracks outside ..$3 jagermeister + apfelkorn. shots, shots, shots everybody! or pass the boot with your friends. or your husband’s family, like I did last summer. it really brings a family together.

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o

and for those who measure a successful summer based on how many outdoor patios they visited ..add the hessen haus to your list. I measure a good time by the company, the sunshine + the size of my beer. just kidding. ish.

let me extend an offer ..if you find yourself in des moines on saturday in the summer, I will happily be your tour guide. we’ll take a trip to the downtown farmers market + cap it off with an afternoon spent on the patio, passing a boot filled with german beer, eating armadillo eggs. sound good?

hessen haus in des moines, IA c/o

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