currently ..

a couple things that make me happy.


the daily tayTaylor from {TheDailyTay}.

she wrote a post [yesterday] that spoke to me: {I’m 25 During a Recession}. see the correlation? she’s unfortunately going through a similar situation, but she’s hysterical. “I occasionally look around my house and wonder how much money I could get for certain things at a pawn shop”. true.


TJ's wine selectiontrader joe’s wine selection.

how can this not make you happy? you can get a bottle of wine for $2.99. I have that much change hidden in the couch cushions. definitely worth calling the search team.


pretty little liarspretty little liars.

hello guilty pleasure. they give me something to look forward to during my week. tuesday. 7PM. now all they need to do is tell me who killed allison & who is on the “A” team. please.

three book pagethe three books I’m reading.

{Blog Inc.}/{The End of Your Life Book Club}/{The Happiness Project}

there is truly nothing better than escaping from the ‘real world,’ & into a book. and I have a couple good reads on my hands right now.



oh dear [J], what the eff would I do without you? you’re the bees to my knees. actually, you’re a lot more than that. you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. thank you. just being next to you makes me happier.


our shopping basketthe jelly beans from our Jelly Belly tour.

they’re on my nightstand. and until they’re gone ..they’ll continue to make me happy. [except for the licorice flavored ones. I only eat those by accident].

now I must take [J] to the airport. he’s gone on business ’til monday. no one feel sorry for him ..he’ll be in 80° temps, surrounded by water, probably with a mai tai permanently in hand. feel sorry for me, I’m staying home.

happy hump day friends.


to unplanned adventures.

the best adventures are the unexpected ones.

and somewhere in the midst of notre dame being destroyed by alabama on monday night, [J]’s brother invited us to join his family on a tour of the {Jelly Belly} factory. the next day in less than 10 hours. and [just so you know] when I’m drinking everything is a good idea. so even with very little sleep & possibly too much drinking ..I woke up excited for our trip!

travel essentialstravel essentials.

take the tour

the main Jelly Belly factory is in Fairfield, CA. but luckily for us, they have a distribution center [with tours ..& free jelly beans] just north of the wisconsin border.

we're ready for the tour

after the tour, we got a bag of complimentarythank youbeans.


& went shopping for our favorites ..

his favorite[J]’s favorite: juicy pear.

my favoritemy favorite: the sours!

us being wildand for good measure ..some snapple mix.

like a kid in a candy storehe was like a kid in a candy store.

just nastyjust WHY??

our shopping basket$17 poorer. a lot of jelly bellies richer.

sorrrrrywe’re really sorry [J]’s dad, but we couldn’t resist. he asked us to bring him a variety. we put together a scrumptious fruity blend. but had to add a little flavor spice with their newest flavor: tabasco. only one, we’re not that mean.

happy birthday to me!did I mention the Jelly Belly factory is conveniently located near an outlet mall? well, it is ..& it was clearly my almost half birthday. thank you [J]. she’s a beauty!

now go enjoy some unplanned fun!

happy wednesday all.