Fall: defined.


I could not be more excited to welcome fall. I love this time of year – the weather, the activities, the food & drinks ..all perfection. When I think of fall, I think of …

Tailgating …

Can you say amazingly, delicious finger food, an insane assortment of alcoholic beverages, and entertaining company! :)

Football …

Obviously I root for my alma mater – the University of Iowa. Go Hawkeyes!

[Absolute fall perfection] – the atmosphere of being at a football game, or at a bar cheerin’ for your team, or laying on the couch on a NFL football Sunday.

Road trips …

I love, love, love a good fall road trip <3.

chicago – the magic bean.
But the absolute best fall road trip – Galena, IL. In my family, when fall rolls around a trip to Galena is essential. The historic, little town is a destination all year ..but it is really beautiful when outlined by the fall-shaded leaves! [Yup, just made up “fall-shaded“. Defined by – the crazy, bright reds and oranges the leaves change only in the fall]. Say hello to great restaurants, art galleries, boutique shops, pretty riverwalk, breweries, and my mom & I’s favorite ..the wineries! [To be specific: the wine tasting at Galena Cellars on Main Street. Try the Oktoberfest. Yum!]
Galena, IL

Halloween …

What is more fun than a holiday that incoporates dressing up, carving pumpkins, and eating too much candy?

stencils are a must for me.

Loofah or cotton candy? The question of the decade, really.


Now that I am no longer in college and living on the East coast, my definition of fall will need to be updated a bit. You better believe I am flying home [in TEN days] to get my Hawkeye tailgating fix. And since I’m not making the millions [yet] and can’t fly back for every single game ..I will be rootin’ for the Hawks from NY. I am also wearing green this season, rootin’ for the NY Jets – what, what!! :) And I can’t get in my car & drive to Galena this fall ..(I don’t have a car & Galena is approximately 960 miles away) but I am planning some road trips [ie. Boston, Philly]. I’m ready for the change ..it’s not better, just different.

Happy Fall :)